Conan Director Marcus Nispel to direct Horror-Action Movie "Hack/Slash"

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The director of the underwhelming reboot of Conan The Barbarian, is set to helm a feature based on the cult comic, which has been stuck in development hell for several years now.The comic, created by  Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, tells the story  of Cassie Hack, a girl who hunts down and kills serial killers, despite being the daughter of one herself, and who is also joined in her crusade by a strange, misshaped bodyguard by the name of Vlad who wears a gas mask to disguise his deformities.CHEAP UGGS OUTLET

Ranging from run of the mill pyschopaths to more twisted and brutal supernatural killers, the comic took the idea of the lone horror movie survivor and reinvented it, appealing to a more cynical demographic.

Having inherited the project from the now defunct Universal Studio sub-division, Rogue Pictures, Relativity Studios is on board to produce the film.

While Conan may not have been the success that Nispel envisioned it to be, on a level that made many a long-time fan lament in anguish, Hack/Slash seems more suited to the director.

Having worked behind the camera previously on the more well-received remakes of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, as well as the Native American versus Vikings epic, Pathfinder, Hack/Slash looks like a dream match-up for the unique comic and the future director.CHEAP UGGS ONLINE

Last Updated: January 16, 2012

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