CONSTANTINE might survive for a second season by moving to SyFy

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Well how about this for some magic news? Constantine isn’t a perfect show, but it certainly does have plenty of charm thanks to Matt Ryan doing a fantastic job as the Hellblazer. The thing is, Constantine is struggling in the ratings department, thanks to parent network NBC shuffling it around and forcing the show to be a rather run of the mill supernatural procedural crime series.


With the latest viewership numbers not painting the rosiest of pictures, chances are that the show will be cancelled after the first season wraps up. But according to the rumour mill over at Cinelinx, there happens to be a-rumbling that NBC may have found a solution. And that’s to dump Constantine onto its sister network, SyFy.

That’s a decision that makes a ton of sense. With SyFy actually making a concerted effort to be entertaining again, that gives Constantine a proper target audience as well. It also gives Constantine a chance to be riskier with their stories, to be darker, more gruesome and to tell a tale that is spread out over episodes. The kind of show that Constantine should be already.

Take it with a pinch of salt, but that move to SyFy could be the kind of magic that Constantine needs in order to really take off.

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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