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IO Interactive to reveal next season of Hitman 3 later this week

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Hitman 3 was an especially good video game which from the sounds of things is only getting better. IO Interactive’s sandbox killfest is already stuffed with content and while the current Season of Greed is winding down, players won’t have long to wait to get an idea of what to expect in the game’s next season. IO Interactive confirmed last night on Twitter that it would reveal the next season of content for the game on May 5. A live stream will be held over on IO Interactive’s Twitch page that should give those dedicated players more than enough to chew on when the current season ends on 9 May.


So what exactly can we expect from this livestream? Well, the graphic published by IO Interactive doesn’t reveal all that much but in terms of general content you can expect to see a, “Season Reveal Trailer, Content Sneak Peek, Patch Notes Preview (and a) Community Q&A”. The most likely additions to the game include a few more DLC items like weapons, suits and a multi-stage Escalation Mission. Maybe IO decides to get even more zany and patch in some zombies? It’ll never happen but a Hitman/Dead Rising crossover would be incredible.


So hold fast, Hitman 3 fans! Just make it to May 5 to learn what you can expect for the future! If you haven’t played Hitman 3 yet, you really ought to. In his review, Darryn wrote “Hitman 3 is full of surprises beneath its familiar systems. It manages to break out of its own sandbox without disrupting its formula too much, ending on a subtle note that brings the world of assassination saga to a satisfying end.”

Last Updated: May 4, 2021

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