"Cost of Living" – cool short film with Brandon Routh – now available online

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I feel sorry for Brandon Routh. Out of all the things that can be blamed for Superman Returns’ flaccid-caped mediocrity, Routh was not one of them. In fact, his underwear-on-the-outside performance was probably the film’s highlight. Since that film’s crash ‘n burn though, he hasn’t exactly been prolific in Hollywood, playing just an odd super powered vegan here and unfortunately named supernatural detective there.

One recent film project he was involved with which was getting a lot of buzz was the short film, Cost of Living, which was shown at last year’s Fantastic Film Fest 2011. Now that film can viewed online for free.

The 9 minute short was written and directed by first timer Bendavid Grabinski, and sees Routh and co-star Brett Harrison of Reaper-fame as two employees of a company that is up to some classic no-good. The employees find themselves in a bad situation and then have to fight their way out.

If you like your action excessively violent and with cheesy tongue surgically grafted in cheek, then I highly suggest you give it a watch. Just follow Grabinksi’s singular instruction: “Please play loud.”

You can find more info and extras (such as a behind the scenes video) about the film over at FOIndustries.com

Last Updated: February 14, 2012

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