Could Ghost Recon : Shadow Wars be a surprise 3DS hit?

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As much as I love the 3DS, I’ll be first to admit that the system’s launch line-up is less than amazing. Beyond Super Street fighter IV, there’s nothing that anybody would rightly consider to be essential. There’s no Mario launch game – or indeed any from Nintendo’s mascots, there are no epic RPG’s or grand adventures. What there is is pet simulators, a Pilotwings revival and a few seemingly quick cash-in ports.

One of Ubisoft’s releases though, might prove to be a sleeper hit. Ghost Recon Shadow Wars 3D from the European developer isn’t the first-person, tactical squad-based shooter you’d expect. Instead, it’s an isometric turn-based tactical shooter along the lines of X-Com or Nintendo’s own Advance Wars. It even boasts an incredible pedigree; it’s produced by Tom Gollop, designer of the original X-Com. After the jump, you’ll find a 9 minute walkthrough video detailing one of the game’s later levels. While this game likely won’t appeal to Ghost Recon fans – I’m not sure why it uses the name, truth be told – it looks like a treat for fans of more cerebral, turn based fare.

If you played (and loved) X-Com :UFO Defense, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem or even Metal Gear AC!D you should probably check this out.

Last Updated: March 23, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

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