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Could Lenny Kravitz get it on as Marvin Gaye?

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Let’s get some casting ooooon,  let’s get it on… With my prediction that more musical biopics would be arriving to fill in the void left by Twilight, comes news that another soulful American artist is slated to get his own 90 minutes of big screen fame.Julien Temple has been developing the film for a while now, beating Cameron Crowe to the punch on it, as the movie will take a look at Gaye during the final years of his career and life.

Lenny Kravitz has been linked with the role, something that would have seemed a touch out of place, were it not for his recent big screen appearances in The Hunger Games and the upcoming The Butler.

Kravitz could be a good match for such a role, as it will explore how Gaye cheesed it to London in order to escape tax evasion charges, while drowning his sorrows in Johnny Cash levels of booze and drugs. Gaye eventually dragged himself out of that pit, thanks to music promoter Freddy Couseart, which led to his Motown album Midnight Love, and the iconic single Sexual Healing.

Sounds like all the right ingredients for a biopic film. Although I’m kind sad that Jack Black wasn’t offered the lead role.


Last Updated: November 22, 2012

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