Could SIN CITY head to TV?

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As much as I love my comic book movie adaptations, I have to admit that many such films would do far better justice to their source material as TV series rather than big box office blockbusters. While the movie medium has a ton of advantages, from advertising through to new filming technology.

But it also has plenty of drawbacks, such as a film having to appeal to certain demographics, ideas being lost in translation and the fear of failure. One such comic book film which could excel on TV would be Sin City. And after the sequel finally finds a dame to kill for, it might just head to the smaller screen.


Speaking to the New York Times, Bob Weinstein from The Weinsetin Company revealed that Sin City was being considered for a series run, alongside Stephen King’s The Mist:

Bob Weinstein, interviewed separately from his brother, said he was developing original projects that would be in tune with his horror- and action-oriented Dimension brand, along with several shows based on movies he has overseen for the company. He is preparing a pilot based on the “Scream” films for MTV, for instance, and developing a proposed 10-part series with Frank Darabont, based on Dimension’s film version of Stephen King’s “The Mist.”

Mr. Weinstein said he was also hoping to quickly follow the August release of the film “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, with a “Sin City” television series from Mr. Miller and Mr. Rodriguez.

That’s a great idea, and with Frank Miller writing new content for the sequel, something that could excel on TV. Sin City could also benefit from the low budget shooting conditions it has, and it’d be one unique-looking series as well. Until that arrives though, we’ll have to make do with the sequel, A Dame to Kill For, which arrives next year in August.


Last Updated: December 2, 2013

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