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Could the X-FILES be returning?

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The truth is still out there, so who you gonna call? David and Gillian, of course! More than a decade after the show whimpered to a bad end, talks are on to see if the X-Files can be brought back for another season. Deadline reports that Fox is mulling the idea and have reached out to the show’s creator, Chris Carter. It may even star David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson: at least, Fox really, really, really wants them to star in the new version.

But all of this is a big IF and the talks are apparently purely logistical aka. can they entice the two actors back into the show? Duchovny recently finished the very successful Californication, while Anderson made a strong showing in Hannibal and the underrated The Fall. I doubt either need the money or exposure, but maybe they will enjoy revisiting their old stomping grounds. Fans have wanted a third movie for years, but after the lame duck of the second film, the idea has failed to gain traction.


This, though, ignores a rather important fact. The X-Files series did not end happily. By season 7 Duchovny had enough and appeared in only half of the episodes. Season 8 was even worse: he only shows up in the finale. Meanwhile Anderson’s Scully was being relegated to the background as the show creators – convinced there was another ten years in the formula – attempted to introduce new leads. Fans rejected the idea completely, because there frankly is no X-Files without batsh** Mulder doing the rounds.

Seriously, go re-watch the seasons. Mulder is quite possibly crazy and actually quite an ass. There was also zero sexual chemistry between Mulder and Scully, at least not until season 6. It turns out the world simply wished they were a couple and eventually the show’s writers, perhaps out of ideas, decided to go there anyway. And finally, the story archs were not good, nor made a lot of sense – though they did deliver the show’s other major character, the smoking man.

The real meat was in the strange cases they investigated every week and you can binge-watch those in random order with a lot of joy.  But will a return to X-Files be able to sidestep all of these legacy issues and fan expectations? In a post-Fringe world, can we still enjoy a show that’s just about hunting things that go bump in the night? Supernatural barely kept the formula before it degenerated into a larger story and Constantine hit the ground running with a story arch, though it is also a ‘mystery a week’ surprise.

Maybe this one should just be left in the past.

Last Updated: January 20, 2015

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  1. Kromas Votes LAG WCMovie Event

    January 20, 2015 at 15:12

    I agree. Do not taint the show by bringing it back. That last movie was too painful to even think abut.


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