Crazy Frenchmen, Muay Thai midgets, Angry girlfriends… I don't know what PATTAYA is about, but it looks crazy

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There is something about French movies. France is synonymous with passion and that aptly sums up the country’s cinematic contributions. Nothing worth mentioning from there wasn’t done, in some way, at full tilt.

This particularly true for French comedic films: stuff like Les Visiteurs and the Taxi films stand quite far apart from each other, but both still manage to cross the line as if they’re doing a Celtic folk dance. That’s probably not true for all French comedies, but the few I have seen tend to raise an eyebrow.

So, in that context I present whatever this is:

It’s a film called Pattaya and there sadly aren’t any English or subtitled trailers. The synopsis goes something like this: some guy involves his diminutive friend to enter a muay thai contest for short people in Thailand, all to score a free trip. Variety lays it out more nicely, but there is also a series of teaser trailers that show off more aspects of the film.


Last Updated: March 18, 2016


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