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Dan Akroyd talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3 – Plot details and particle physics

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No one loves Ghostbusters more than I do. Except maybe Kervyn. And our janitor. And that old lady in Uzbekistan that I never met. But that’s besides the point! I loved both of the films in the franchise, grew up on the cartoons and once pretended to have a proton pack by strapping a vacuum cleaner to my back and then using a pool noodle as the ghost-trapping stream of “do not cross” energy.

Fans have been wanting a third film for ages now, and while I sincerely doubt that we’ll ever get such a movie before Sony decides to just give up and reboot the property, Ghostbuster Dan Akroyd is at least happy enough to talk about the ideas that he has in place for the proposed film.


Dr Stantz is still hoping that production on the third movie can finally begin next year, in which a new team of younger Ghostbusters take over the who ya gonna call business. Akroyd spilled some ideas on the Larry King Now show, which Coming Soon picked up on:

It’s based on new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University. Basically, there’s research being done that I can say that the world or the dimension that we live in, our four planes of existence, length, height, width and time, become threatened by some of the research that’s being done. Ghostbusters — new Ghostbusters — have to come and solve the problem.

One of the biggest hurdles for this movie though, just short of Slimer being sued for turning the film set into an accident prone environment of slime bukkake proportions, is Bill Murray. Or rather, the complete lack of any Venkman whatsoever in the movie. Akroyd however, is still confident that he can coax Murray to make some sort of appearance, as he writes the script:

There will be a hole for him. If Billy wants to walk in the door and be in the movie, we will find a place.

While Akroyd has yet to start doing any casting for his younger team of Ghostbusters, he does have his eye on one older cameo for the film. Larry King himself:

Of course, we’re going to be doing you in your new format as you comment on what’s happening in Manhattan up there at Morningside Heights. It’s going to be quite a spectacular scene once the stuff starts to break.

I really, really want to see a new Ghostbusters film. Hell, I’m building my own proton pack right now as it is, I love the franchise that much. But I’m just not hopeful that such a flick would be made. Or if it is, then Sony is going to sniff up the three in that title, and slap some D on it post-conversion, I reckon. Either way, it’s a headache. But it could be a welcome one eventually if it finally does get greenlit.

Last Updated: May 21, 2013

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  1. James Francis

    May 21, 2013 at 20:38

    No Murray, no sale!


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