Dark Events will add even more unpredictability to XCOM 2

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XCOM2 Dark Events

XCOM 2 will include procedurally generated levels, something that should add plenty of unpredictability and replay value to the game. However, there’s something else that can come up from time to time to make your game just that little bit more tricky, and hopefully more fun, too.

Dark Events (thanks PC Gamer) come from Advent, the human organization that’s working with the alien invaders. As you start to reclaim the Earth, they obviously won’t go down without a fight.

These Dark Events initiate random modifiers to your gameplay experience, and run the gamut from something as small as improving ADVENT soldiers’ gear in the field to more dramatic gameplay changes such as deploying a UFO that will hunt the Avenger.

ADVENT can also negatively affect XCOM supply drops and, in a far more chilling Dark Event, hide extra Faceless amongst the populace of each mission. Rapid Response poses another massive threat to XCOM, guaranteeing ADVENT reinforcements will be deployed during all Guerrilla Ops missions. We’ve also heard reports of ADVENT employing Viper Rounds – poisonous ammunition made from Viper venom.

These are just a few instances of Dark Events, and XCOM 2 will feature a wide array of modifiers that ADVENT will be able to employ as it successfully achieves more and more Dark Events throughout the XCOM 2 campaign; however, players can combat Dark Events through Guerilla Ops that will be surfaced on the Geoscape. Additionally, hidden Dark Events will arise, though players may choose to spend Intel to reveal exactly what these are.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown also had randomized missions, but these sound much deeper and more strategic. Will you take on your existing mission knowing that there’s a Dark Event going on to undermine your efforts, or will you try to overcome Advent before returning to your task at hand. The more we learn about XCOM 2, the more it sounds like an excellent evolution of XCOM. Now they just need to stick to the release date and give us a chance to play it so that we can all see if it lives up to fan expectations.

Last Updated: October 30, 2015

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  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

    Yesssss, this game is on TOP of my CANNOTFLIPPENWAIT list

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    That sounds pretty cool, unpredictable stuff like that makes it more interesting to play.

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

      I’m replaying EW at them moment, and most missions I already have a go-to plan once I recognize the layout and spawn area

  • Brady miaau

    Yeah, but will it suffer the same problem as Xcom 1? Sameness.

  • Lardus-For the Emperor!

    Really looking forward to this game!

  • HvR

    Now if the rand can rally before the release date so that I can afford a new PC.

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