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David Goyer to direct sci-fi action film THE BREACH

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You might know David Goyer as the scribe behind the recent Batman and Superman movies. And also as the director of that godawful Blade Trinity flick. But that’s one part of his career that he hasn’t had too much time to focus on, as Goyer has been writing up men in tights punching one another for quite a while now.

But it looks like he’ll be entering the director space once again, as Goyer prepares to go once more into The Breach.


So what’s the plot? Based on a 2009 novel by Patrick Lee, The Breach deals with an ex-cop who finds the First Lady of America in the woods, who happens to be rather dead after a plane crash in that area. Naturally, events are set in motion and conspiracies rage on that put the entire world at risk. Here’s the official book synopsis, from Publisher’s Weekly:

Lee’s debut thriller pits ex-con ex-cop Travis Chase against increasingly dire odds as the action ratchets up like levels in a complex video game. Fresh out of prison, Travis sets out on a solo Alaskan trek, wanting nothing more than quiet time for introspection. Then he encounters a downed plane containing the dead bodies of the United States’s first lady and several others, plus hints about a mysterious missing item. Armed with superior firepower and the instincts and savvy of a good cop, Travis tracks down the murderers, who are torturing hostage Paige Campbell to get her father, Peter, to reveal another clue.

Travis manages to rescue Paige just as Peter confesses the information and is killed. His last words send Paige and Travis into a dangerous world of secrets and conspiracies, where they slowly learn about the eponymous Breach and meet progressively more menacing foes. It’s all here: brilliantly devious enemies; nifty, innovative gadgets and weaponry; hang-on-to-your-hat action; and razor-sharp plot twists aplenty.

Jack Reacher eat your heart out. There’s always room for films such as this, and the actual plot sounds pretty damn decent. And with Goyer after this project, it should be as close as possible to the actual book without too many edits necessary.

Last Updated: February 4, 2014

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  1. I don’t know, this just sounds a bit off. I’ve always disliked the combination of massive coincidences & unbelievably competent characters.


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