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DC FanDome: Shazam 2 title revealed… and Sinbad is in the movie!

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As we learned last week, the upcoming sequel to 2019 breakout hit Shazam! hasn’t shot any footage yet (but hilariously already has reviews and a teaser trailer!), but that didn’t stop star Zachary Levi from hosting a panel for the “bonkers” sequel. Or at least attempting to as the actor hilariously started by answering fan questions only to realize that he wasn’t allowed to say shit. No, really. Not only did he have nothing to say, but they stopped him from using the word “shit”. Ha!

Luckily, Levi was then able to call in some of his cast-mates on the Shazoom call (really, Shazoom) and that’s when things got interesting. Despite Levi’s funny attempts to muzzle everybody, Meagan Good mentioned that the upcoming film will boast multiple villains, while Asher Angel teased that there would be a secret DC cameo. The biggest surprise though came when Faithe Herman, the youngest member of the cast offered to draw a picture about the movie seeing as she couldn’t say anything, only to have the picture include Sinbad. And on cue, the actor/comedian popped into the call as well to confirm that he will be playing a role in the movie, finally completing a joke that’s been running on the internet for years!

If you’re not familiar, for decades now there’s been a weird story that Sinbad acted in a movie in the 1990s called either Shazaam or Kazaam, in which he played a genie. I say “or” because there’s a bit of contention with how people remember it.

Here’s the thing though: those people remembering it are wrong! There was never a movie called Shazaam. Ever! There was a movie about a genie called Kazaam, but it starred Shaquille O’Neal and not Sinbad. The fact that somehow the false memory of Sinbad starring in a Shazaam memory has persisted in pop culture for so long is super weird (and the fake trailers and screenshots that have popped up since haven’t helped). But things will get even weirder now that Sinbad’s actually going to be in a movie called Shazam!

Well, actually that’s not 100% correct either, as Faithe revealed more of her drawing officially debuting the upcoming sequel’s full title as Shazam! Fury of the Gods! And I like it!

Unfortunately, there was no further info revealed, but that didn’t stop this from being one of the more fun panels at DC FanDome. That’s how you still entertain your fans despite not really having anything to show off. Did you hear that stupidly boring and utterly pointless Aquaman panel?!

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is scheduled for release on 4 November 2022.

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Last Updated: August 23, 2020

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