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DEADPOOL 3 is already in development, will include Cable and X-Force

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Red, spicy and foul-mouthed with a touch of violence thrown on top. Which is an apt description for my last visit to a bathroom after sampling some of the chilis that Gav grows in his garden. It’s also a good description of Deadpool, the runaway success story of the year that starred Ryan Reynolds as the regeneratin’ degenerate and at least one Sigourney Weaver clone as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

So nobody was surprised to hear that 20th Century Fox was eager to greenlight a sequel once the box office profits started coming in by the bucketload. Even though recent creative turmoil has seen Deadpool 2 lose its original director Tim Miller, the sequel is still moving on. In fact, two sequels are in the works right now as Fox is eager to keep this cash-train rolling.

That’s according to sources over at THR, as Fox scrambles to reset their X-Men universe. With Hugh Jackman vacating his main event role as the Wolverine after Logan and X-Men: Apocalypse underperforming at the box office with a global take of only $544 million worldwide compared to Days of Future Pasts‘ $748 million, the future lies in the hands of a miscreant fourth-wall breaking mutant who considers Crocs to be masturbatory tools.


According to the report, Deadpool 3 will rope in X-Force and their leader Cable, a smart move when you realise that Fox also wants to create an X-Force series along the way. But right now, these plans are just that. Plans. As for that other other project meant to star Charming Potato Channing Tatum, Gambit?

As we reported earlier this morning, it’ll probably start filming once Tatum finishes work on Logan Lucky, which totally isn’t a movie starring Wolverine crashing face-first into a shelf full of Felix Felicis at Hogwarts. That, and Fox may have another franchise up their sleeves: A New Mutants spin-off, just in case the First Class trio of Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy don’t feel like returning to the X-Universe.

Although really, I can’t fault the logic of Fox wanting more Deadpool. A franchise which stars an anti-hero who has a face that looks like Freddy Krueger’s scrotal sack was stretched over a deflated soccer ball. Which kickstarts shooting on its first sequel next year January according to What’s Filming. A sequel that could have Drew “Cabin In The Woods” Goddard directing.

Last Updated: November 10, 2016

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