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Deathstroke is the primary villain of Ben Affleck’s BATMAN movie

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Bless you Ben Affleck. The latest actor to wear the mantle of the Batman kicked some serious ass earlier this year in Batman V Superman, a movie which actually paints the bat of Gotham as a villain of note in its ultimate cut form. Anyway, Affleck’s Batman was a breath of fresh air, an aged and cranky hunter in the night who came terrifyingly close to almost ending the man of steel before his trigger-word was uttered.

That scene where Affleck dismantled an entire warehouse of mercenaries? Brilliant stuff, and one of the best action sequences of the year that really emphasised how brutally physical this Batman was in a fight. Basically unstoppable, Affleck was a force of rage channelled through his fists, a cataclysm dressed in Kevlar. Batfleck was the bomb in Phantoms yo.

But he’s about to meet his match. Because Affleck happened to tweet this little video a few hours ago:

Yes folks, that right there is Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke. A name you might recognise from the Teen Titans animated series, or the second and final season of Arrow because no other seasons were made after that shut up I don’t believe a word you have to say about there being a third and fourth season that was th equivalent of brain bleach.

According to usually reliable sources over at The Wrap, Deathstroke will pop up as the primary antagonist for Affleck’s solo Batman movie and not as a glorified cameo in Justice League as was originally rumoured:


Deathstroke will, in fact, be the main antagonist of the Batman standalone movie he’s directing, The Wrap has exclusively learned from an individual with knowledge of the situation.

But how will this tie into the other rumour, of Affleck’s Batman facing his entire gallery of rogues that he left locked up in Arkham Asylum? That remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Deathstroke is a fantastic choice to have as a menace in Affleck’s Batman movie. He’s one of the few physical threats in the DCU that can not only match the Batman in combat, but beat him in a fair game of fisticuffs as well.

A super-soldier mercenary, it looks like Affleck’s Batman movie is going to be drawing plenty of inspiration from the visual look that Deathstroke sported in Batman: Arkham Origins, a video game which is home to one of my all-time favourite boss fights. I still think the footage above is work in progress content as Affleck and Warner Bros. nail the look of this character, as that helmet does look a scootch too big. But otherwise, Slade Wilson is already looking awesome.

If you’re looking for some more reading material on just how deadly Deathstroke rally is, here’s a file that I put together on him from a while back.

Last Updated: August 30, 2016


  1. Deathstroke vs. the Batman, that’s awesome. He won’t break the Bat, but he will test him thoroughly.


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