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Derek Haas talks about WANTED 2

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Wanted was a bit of an odd film. Based on the successful comic book series from Mark Millar and JG Jones, the film took more than a few liberties with the source material, basically using it as inspiration for the resulting movie.

And you know what? It was brilliant. It was pure action, off the wall lunacy and a rare chanceto hear Morgan Freeman say naughty words. In other words, well worth the ticket price. A sequel was commissioned, but that’s been languishing in development hell lately. Writer, Derek Haas, recently took the time to answer some questions on the recently completed draft for the sequel.

Haas, who wrote the script for the first film with Michael Brandt, spoke to Hollywood.com, detailing how the duo had originally left the project before being lured back to it in 2011;

We got that call that you always love as a screenwriter. ‘Can you guys please come back?’ We loved the world. That experience was great. We said, ‘Well here’s what we want to do with the sequel.’ And they said, ‘Okay.’

Speaking about the film, Haas said that the sequel will “pick up the story four years later”, and Angelina Jolie will not be returning.

It’s ‘Where is Wesley four years after the events of the first movie?’. The only thing I can tell you is that Wesley [James McAvoy] is now, four years later, recruiting a young woman who is in his situation in the first movie. She’s got a shitty life. He’s sort of in the Fox role. This new girl is brought into the world.

Wanted came out four years ago, and managed to accrue over $341 million at the box office, a sizeable amount from a film that was made on a $75 million budget.

As long as the sequel keeps the attitude and spirit of the original, and brings back some of the incredible action that director Timur Bekmambetov injected into it, I’d be more than willing to throw a wad of  cash that curves towards the cinema staff for it.

Last Updated: October 24, 2012


  1. Yeah, I don’t even think you can say the film was based on the comic book. There was a couple of scenes from the book , but that was it. Comic book goes in a whole other direction and I’m not sure it would have worked for a movie. Loved the film as well.


    • Kervyn Cloete

      October 24, 2012 at 16:30

      The writers of the movie famously admitted that they only read the first 2 issues of 6, before writing the movie, which is why there are some similarities between the two in the beginning only, but none of all the supervillain business that came later on.


  2. James Philip Lawrence

    October 24, 2012 at 13:57

    Ah yeaaah! more bending bullets !


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