Despicable Me 2 gets a new villain in the voice-form of Al Pacino, Hoo-Ha!

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While Javier Bardem may have bowed out to voice the main antagonist in the sequel to the hit 2011 film, Despicable Me 2 may have actually gained a replacement that can bring even more star-power and skill to the vacant role.

Al Pacino has signed up to voice El Macho, the main antagonist who mirrors Steve Carrell’s character, Gru, as the two super-villains both have to deal with world-conquering schemes and their mischievous children.

While it has yet to be confirmed whether Pacino will in fact be the voice of El Macho as Empire Online have reported, given that the film is on a fast production track and the actor being quite, well, legendary, it stands to reason that he would be playing the most prominent role available next to Steve Carrell.

Hopefully Julie Andrews and Russell Brand shall return as well for the 2013 sequel, but the thought of Al Pacino voicing a megalomaniacal supervillain with a Mexican Luchadore theme?

That’s just pure genius.

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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