Director Joseph Kosinski talks going outside the grid for TRON 3

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In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk when I’m not baysploding stuff to my TNT messiah Michael Bay. I really dig their music, and while wearing a replica of one of their helmets outside a school got me thrown into the slammer, it was totally worth it. Naturally, Daft Punk love extends to the digital frontier of Tron.

And with a great sequel in the form of Legacy from 2010, as well as a simply sublime animated series that followed on by the name of Uprising, I want more. And with Disney preparing to throw as much money as possible at a third Tron film, I’m pretty damn happy. Especially since Legacy director Josepgh Kosinski is returning for the third film.

While talking about that other sci-fi film of his starring Tom “90 ° running pose” Cruise, Kosinski also spoke about Tron Three (Threon?) briefly. That film is still going through a scripting process right now, but it looks like production is on track so far, according to Empire.

Tron 3 delivers on the promise of Tron Legacy, particular the final scenes. There’s a big clue there as to where we’ll go with the next one. There’s some characters we establish at the beginning of Tron Legacy who have a much larger role in Tron 3.

Does that mean that Cillian Murphy’s all too brief role gets an expansion pack in film numero tres? I freakin’ hope so. As for whether or not Kosinski plans to shoot sequences in IMAX again, it looks like that’s a go as well. Which is most likely why Kervyn is raging around the office right now:

I love IMAX as a format. So, yes, absolutely. It will be an IMAX film.

That’s what I love about the Tron movies. Yes, they may be excuses to create bleeding edge visuals, but the universe on offer in those movies is one that could easily become a franchise on par with Star Trek, Wars or Gate. But just far more relevant, considering the digital age we live in.

And it’s also a universe with tight leather clothing, which I reckon that I would look awesome jiggling around in.


Last Updated: April 11, 2013

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