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Disney drops Fox from its TV studio branding

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Disney has dropped the Fox name entirely from its line-up in the wake of a gargantuan acquisition, as the company announced a rebranding of its TV studios. Fox 21 Television Studios have been renamed to Touchstone Television (a TV brand that Disney stopped using in 2007) and 20th Century Fox TV to simply 20th Television.

Disney’s purchase of all the Fox brands was a worthwhile investment, as their voluminous TV content added a lot of content to Disney’s streaming services, Disney+ and Hulu, along with many of the bigger money-making movie franchises that should turn a decent profit for the house of mouse when life returns to normal.

That last one in particular, is a bizarre naming choice. Not only does the Fox name and 20th Century Studios have a storied legacy within those names, but 20th Television doesn’t exactly ring out grammatically or mean anything. Disney could’ve easily just changed it to 21st Century Television or given it a different name entirely.  

There is some method to the madness of these naming choices, as Disney is looking to differentiate its television studio from some of its other Fox-owned television channels like Fox Sports, Fox Business, and the contentious Fox News, as well as ownership of the broadcast channel Fox TV, which will all be retaining the brand that will inform us of what the fox actually said.

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

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