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Distraction will kill you in this trailer for LIFE ON THE LINE

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Here at TheMovies.co.za, we consider our job a pretty dangerous one. After all, we get to see movies before the general public and put our time on the line to risk seeing the potential turd so that you don’t have to (step in it). It’s not an easy job and one that can be pretty harrowing when films don’t live up to the hype (here’s looking at you Suicide Squad). But, it’s a job that we do because we love you, our readers, so much. And popcorn – we get to eat popcorn to ease the pain if the movie is a genuine stinker.

So despite the perils of this job, I was surprised that “movie reviewer” doesn’t feature anywhere on the list of world’s most dangerous jobs. Apparently, sustaining mental illness from too much exposure to Adam Sandler isn’t considered equal to losing a life. To each his own I guess. One job which is on the list though is that of a power line worker. Those people who climb up polls to fix electricity cables so that we can still watch TV and play games uninterrupted. Yes, it’s an important job too, along with being a dangerous one.

And there is also an upcoming movie about the profession on its way soon, titled Life on the Line. And as always, the tale revolves not just around the job itself, but the personal issues of the workers and how the danger takes its toll on them. It sounds like it has a lot of promise and with a wealth of talent in its cast, including John Travolta, Sharon Stone, Kate Bosworth and Devon Sawa in the lead roles, it could be a winner. You can view the trailer below:

Sadly, this just didn’t do it for me. Yes, the acting seems like it might be on point, but the trailer is just trying too hard to strain emotion out of it. You can pretty much gather everything about the plot through watching the trailer and these scenes are likely about as good as it gets.

And it’s not just me. Although the trailer speaks about being in theatres September 1st, the film has yet to actually release in the states and where it released in Japan and Germany, it went straight to DVD. Not a sign of a good film. Sadly, while the story and cast certainly have potential, it seems they might not be so well utilized here.

The official synopsis is below:

Life on the Line is an exhilarating action drama, which follows the lives of a crew of eccentric and courageous Texan power line workers who do the extremely dangerous work of fixing the crumbling electrical grid. John Travolta stars as ‘Beau’, a salt of the earth man who blames himself for his brother’s death and raises Bailey, his orphaned niece (Kate Bosworth). His worlds collide when Bailey’s handsome lover joins his linemen crew on the eve of a massive and deadly storm that threatens to rip their lives apart.

Last Updated: September 7, 2016

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