DOCTOR WHO arrives August 23 according to this new teaser trailer

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NEW KIDNEYS! That’s about the sum total knowledge that we happen to have here with regards to the new Doctor. That, and the fact that he wields an overpowering stare so destructive that it can burn entire Dalek fleets to ashes. A new season kicks off soon as Peter “The Thick Of It” Capaldi takes over from Matt Smith. And this Doctor may not be such a nice Time Lord to deal with.Doctor who s8

The BBC has announced that Season 8 of Doctor Who will begin on August 23. That’s one entire season, no mid-series breaks. Just a pure unbroken 100% rebel run of 13 episodes that flesh out the latest incarnation of the Doctor after his regeneration reset in The Time Of The Doctor. Here’s a new teaser trailer to get you in the mood for some wibbly wobbly action:

Episode 1 of series 8 will be called Deep Breath, while episodes 3 and 5 will be titled Robots Of Sherwood and Time Heist respectively. Jenna Coleman is back as Ozmeister Clara Oswald, while fans can also expect a return of the Downtown Absurdists Jenny, Vatsra and Strax.

August 23! Expect our local BBC channel to also flight the new episodes a day after they air in the UK.

Last Updated: June 30, 2014

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