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You don’t have to fight any more in this trailer for THE FREE WORLD

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It can be tough trying to adapt to normal life after being behind bars. Why do you think Trevor behaves the way he does? The big world is a scary place after all… And this film, The Free World, is all about making big grown up decisions, especially when you have a criminal past that haunts your freedom.

I guess that is putting it mildly, as this film covers a whole host of complexities. The Free World stars Boyd Holbrook, a man fresh out of prison after spending two decades locked away for a crime he didn’t commit, who now works at an animal shelter while Elisabeth Moss is the abused wife of a police officer. When the two meet though, things take a downward trajectory as he now needs to make decisions which put his very hard-earned freedom at risk to protect her life.

The film was released at Sundance recently and so far has received mixed reviews, largely for a ‘poor, final third act. However, people still had a lot to praise around the performances and based on this trailer, it does look worth watching. Sure, it’s not your typical upbeat story and appears like it could be quite harrowing, but based on the trailer, there is a lot of heart and thought provoking moments in this film. The trailer alone is layered with memorable quotes and while I’m sure these could be the best moments in the film, it’s something to look out for.

The Free World also stars Octavia Spencer and Sung Kang. The film releases in the US on September 23. No word on a South African release date at present.

The official synopsis is below:

How hard would you fight to be free? After spending two decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Mo (Boyd Holbrook) struggles to put his past behind him as he readjusts to a new life working in an animal shelter. Doris (Elisabeth Moss) is trapped in another sort of prison: an abusive marriage. A dramatic encounter brings these two troubled souls together, and a possible murder connects them. Soon, Mo finds himself risking everything—including being locked up once again for someone else’s crime—to protect the fragile Doris. Driven by explosive performances from Elisabeth Moss and rising star Boyd Holbrook, the feature debut from director Jason Lew is a gripping, mood-drenched exploration of guilt, redemption, and what it means to be free. Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer and Sung Kang co-star.

Last Updated: September 19, 2016

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