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Doug Liman plans to make JUMPER sequel as a TV series for YouTube Red

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I love the idea of teleportation. The ability to just appear at your destination without needing to drive their and put up with other drivers and the traffic really appeals to me. And just imagine how much time we could all save by not having to travel places. Unfortunately, as science has not quite caught up with my fantasies yet, it means I have to get all my teleportation fixes from sci-fi books and movies instead.

One such story which deals with the subject matter very well is Steven Gould’s Jumper. The story follows a young man with the ability to teleport (referred to as a “Jumper”) who has to run and hide from an extremist group with designs on killing all Jumpers.

The novel was adapted to film in 2008 by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) and while that movie wasn’t particularly good, the concept was still strong and there was still a lot more story left to tell. Especially considering Gould has two sequels to the original novel titled Reflex and Impulse, as well as a short story titled Shade that takes place in between both novels.


And while Liman is looking to make a sequel for the movie, he doesn’t want to make the sequel a movie. He is instead looking to expand on the subject matter’s deeper story through a new TV series sequel that will be coming to Youtube Red. The Jumper sequel will reportedly be based on the third novel of the series, Impulse, which follows David and Millie’s daughter, Cent, who inherited her father’s ability to “jump.”

This new comes from The Wrap (through Screen Rant), which also featured the following from Liman through a press release:

Steven Gould’s sequel novel to Jumper, Impulse, fully realizes the dynamic potential of this amazing franchise and I’m excited to have the large canvas of YouTube to bring it to life

YouTube Red is YouTube’s own paid streaming subscription service to take on the likes of Netflix and the company is starting to invest heavily in new content. Along with this Jumper sequel series, they have also green-lit a time-travel show titled Lifeline, which is being produced by Dwayne Johnson. They are certainly stepping up to compete with the bigger players in the industry and I’m excited for what the future holds with bigger competition hopefully bring better quality content to us viewers.

At present there is no further information on the series. Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson both starred in the 2008 film, though I doubt the couple will be up to star in this sequel given their scarcity in projects these days. No word on who is writing the script or whether Liman himself plans to direct any episodes of the series or simply just produce.

Personally, I’d rather that money be invested in research to actually make teleportation a real thing. Just make it fly proof before I try it out.

Last Updated: October 19, 2016

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