Download yourself into the super-sexy vehicle design of TRON LEGACY

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Daniel Simon's Film Work

You should know by now that I am quite a massive fan of Tron: Legacy, in much the same way that Kervyn is a fan of watching sweaty man dick-punch one another in Emma May. There’s just something about that film, that I admire so damn much. And that’s the fantastic visual side of it. An aspect of the film, that was brought to life with some magnificent concept art.

Such as the work done by Daniel Simon, who helped shape that sleek sequel in the vehicle department. Check it out:


That is just drop dead sexy. And it makes me keen to go jump on my motorcycle, put day-glo stickers all over my body and pump some Daft Punk tunes from that film. It’s thanks to designs such as these that Tron: Legacy boasted such an evolved and speedy look when Flynn returned to the mainframe. You can see more of Simon’s work, on Facebook, Twitter and his website.

Last Updated: September 15, 2014

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