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As Dragon Ball Super nears the end, Goku is about to become more powerful than ever before

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Dragon Ball Super (2)

In life, three things are constant: Death, taxes and Goku getting more powerful than ever before. When Dragon Ball Super kicked off several years ago, it was done so with the momentum of the rather fantastic Battle of Gods film. A movie wherein Goku finally reached a new plateau of power that didn’t resemble an overgrown ape in red fur shaving its chest.

Super Saiyan God was a fantastic elevation of the potential of the character, which was taken a step further with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan in Resurrection of F. Also, I’m writing this as geekily as possible because Geoff has to edit my word salad and I know how much pain this causes him (Editor’s Note: Please die).

What began with Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue was just the beginning however. Dragon Ball Super has pushed the idea of power to new limits, introducing the concept of godly Ki and the unrelenting might wielded by the Gods of Destruction across the known universes. Power that doesn’t hold a candle to Goku’s ultimate form, as the Saiyan is about to go even further beyond in the final battle against Jiren in the Universe Survival saga.

Dragon Ball Super (1)

We’ve already seen a taste of this power: Ultra Instinct Awakened. Basically muscle memory on roids, Ultra Instinct allows Goku to fight without having to think about which punch he’s about to throw, leaving his mind completely free to formulate strategies in the midst of battle as his body operates independently.

As Dragon Ball Super ends, it looks like Goku has finally perfected the transformation. Dubbed Ultra Instinct Mastered, Toei Animation calls this form “the strongest Son Goku in history”:

It’s a form that has only been glimpsed so far, with a proper debut this weekend as Goku takes on Jiren in a final brawl that has all of existence at stake. One thing is for certain: Vegeta is going to be mighty pissed off at this.

Last Updated: February 20, 2018

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