Dredd is getting a sequel… but it ain't going to be a movie

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Have you watched Dredd yet? You haven’t? Then the sentence is either death, or a mandatory read of the review for the movie followed by a swift purchase of the Blu-Ray movie. And a 3D TV. Judgement has been served. We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Dredd is a great film, albeit one that completely tanked at the box office. DVD sales have been damn good, but not drokkin’ good enough. A sequel on the big screen is less likely than Kervyn not being run over by a Lawmaster motorcycle in the future. But a sequel is coming, albeit on a more traditional format.And by traditional format, I mean comic book.

2000AD, the custodians and home of Dredd and all things Mega City One, have announced via IGN, that a comic book series will continue the further adventures of that lawman in the future, but no other details are known at this point. It’s unclear if Dredd screenwriter Alex Garland will be penning this tale, or if director Pete Travis will have a hand in this.


Still, there’s plenty of material for them wot work with on a sequel series, if they choose to look to the original comic books. Oz, the Apocalypse War, Day of Chaos, the Dark Judges, Democracy…hell, after several decades of publishing, the well won’t run dry any time soon.

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It’s not a perfect solution to a franchise that I’d love to see more from, but it’s a solution nonetheless. Hell, maybe they can even turn it into a motion comic, like they did last year with the equally NSFW prequel comic.





Last Updated: April 16, 2013

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