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The Drone Wars have begun on Star Wars Episode VIII

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You’ve got to give Star Wars: Episode VII some credit, because when it came to secrets, the security on that movie was tighter than Goldmember’s favourite toiger. With an army of security in place, scripts being sealed away and cast members most likely being threatened with a trip to an actual Rancor pit if they dropped any information bombs, director JJ Abrams ran a tight ship of secrets.

That doesn’t mean that some fans were put off however. In fact, some eager beavers were so anxious to get a scoop on the going-ons of The Force Awakens, that they began using remote control drones to snap a few pictures. That naturally led to some problems, problems which Star Wars Episode VIII wants to nip in the bud with drones of their own.

While Episode VII considered using an anti-drone “shield”, a “an enterprise-grade sensor network and alerting architecture that integrates easily with existing security systems” according to the makers of such devices, Star Wars Episode VIII will instead deploy their own drones to patrol the skies while shooting.

That’s according to Croatian website MosCroatia, who say that Star Wars: Fifty Shades of Rey has begun shooting some location shots in the popular tourist destination of Dubrovnik. Apart from the fact that there is already an actual army of security that is comprised of 600 guards who are on site to execute an Order 66 on any spoilers, the skies above the shoots will be defended by a team of remote-controlled drones that will go after rebel drones that fly over the sovereign airspace when filming kicks off.

It’s absurd, insane and incredibly awesome all at the same time. Hopefully at least one of these drones will be nicknamed Bothan, and die in the service of retrieving some Star Wars Episode VIII spoilers.

Last Updated: February 23, 2016

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