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Duncan Jones reveals set photos of WARCRAFT movie

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If there is one movie I am cautiously looking forward to this year, it is the new Warcraft movie. I am a huge fan of all the games and lore and really believe this film has the possibility to be incredibly epic. Yet as with all video game adaptations these days, I fear it could also be really awful and simply not be able to live up to the hype and wealth of material that already exists for the universe. Trying to tell something fresh to an audience very familiar with the world, while also trying to condense a backstory so that it  doesn’t confuse new viewers is certainly going to be a challenge.

However, for now the fears will need to be washed aside and the hype allowed to grow as the director, Duncan Jones, has just released a set of photos of behind the scenes pictures from the movie on his twitter profile.

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Whether the story lives up to scratch or not remains to be seen, but the production values of this film look certain to be top notch and it’s great to see the amount of effort they have gone through to try and capture the world of Azeroth in a way that fans will want it to be captured. They are certainly not holding back on the scale of the movie and that is good news. I have no doubt it will probably delight many fans and upset others, but I’m hoping it really turns out to be a solid movie.

Warcraft is set for release on June, 10 of this year.

Last Updated: March 4, 2016

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