I really enjoy thrillers – when they’re good of course –  and when I saw the acting power behind Lila And Eve I was curiously excited to see this movie. For the most part it did not disappoint.


The movie is a classic female driven revenge thriller like Jennifer Lopez’s Enough, Sarah Butler’s I Spit On Your Grave or Ashley Judd’s Double Jeopardy . It also has plenty of dramatic depth delivered seamlessly by the talented Viola Davis.

The story kicks off at a support group for mothers of murder victims. It’s here where Lila (Davis), while dealing with the loss of her son, meets fellow grieving mother Eve (Jennifer Lopez). The pair strike up a strong bond and quickly become close friends.


On the verge of emotional breakdown and unable to properly take care of her surviving son, Justin (Ron Caldwell), Lila is dealing with her son Stephon (Aml Ameen) being shot down in a drive-by shootout and more frustratingly she is forced to accept the fact that the police just are not taking her son’s investigation seriously. They believe that her son was probably involved in gang activity rather than being a mere innocent bystander.


Safe to say Lila does not appreciate the lack of interest from the police regarding her son’s murder and fueled on by her tough and street smart BFF Eve, Lila sets off on a mission to find out the truth about what really happened to her son. Setting off a violent and suspenseful journey of revenge and turning her from grieving mother into determined vigilante.


At this point Detective Holliston (Shea Whigham), tasked with investigating her son’s murder, naturally starts to become alerted to Lila’s activities once bad things start happening to the people allegedly linked to her son’s death. Things naturally progress into a giant mess for the ladies and as more and more people are caught in their crosshairs, Lila starts to regret their choice of actions whereas Eve gets more intent on taking down the rest of the thugs responsible for her friends heartache.


Lila And Eve is a thrilling ride full of great acting and intense moments and some fantastic plot twists. Although some of these twists can more than likely be seen coming a mile away by those of you with enough exposure to these type of thrillers.

Davis is great as Eve and she brings that brilliant acting performance that we have come to know her for, for years now. Jennifer Lopez, who can’t boast the same acting pedigree, actually brings plenty to the movie. She has always been a solid presence on-screen and its no different in this movie as she brings out her tough “Jenny From the Block” attitude and makes the grit and action parts of the movie highly convincing.


While it’s no classic and probably won’t be anyone’s goto choice when thinking of your favorite revenge thrillers, director Charles Stone III delivers in Lila and Eve a solid thriller that will still have you holding on tight as this pair of mothers go on an unruly journey, stealing your hearts and support along the way. The pacing is brisk and Stone doesn’t waste too much time getting into the grittier part of the story.


You will enjoy this movie if you like movies like The Boy Next Door or Enough. Lila And Eve is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.


Last Updated: January 11, 2016


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