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Dwayne Johnson in talks for Journey 3. Clearly the gods hate me.

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It’s barely been 90 minutes since I posted my less than favourable review of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island a film as clumsy as its title – in which I hoped that we would not be seeing another sequel in the franchise, and look at what I’ve just come across:

A report at The Wrap states that not only is Dwayne Johnson in talks to reprise his role of Hank Anderson for a 3rd film, but that co-star Josh Hutcherson, director Brad Peyton and writers Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn are already on board.

Damn these deities and their cruel sense of humour!  I knew I should have used real live stock for my sacrifice instead of that blow up sheep!

Most critics have agreed with my lambasting of Journey 2, but unfortunately we live in a topsy turvy world where bad films can still make lots of money. ‘How much money?’, I hear you cry out in desperation. Try $276.5 million off a budget of just $79 million, after only 4 weeks. That already exceeds Journey 1‘s total international take of $242 million.

Last time I checked, a giant mountain of money made for a very compelling argument.

As to what the next film will be about, well there’s no word on that yet, but I’m hoping and praying (this time adhering to proper worshiping guidelines) that they are not seriously going to follow through on the hints at the end of Journey 2. It’s probably the most corny and illogical of Jules Verne’s stories, and for them to –  actually, you know what? Based on the previous film, corny and illogical sounds like a perfect fit for Peyton and the brothers Gunn, so I expect they’ll do exactly that.

There’s been no news yet as to whether Luis Guzman or Vanessa Hudgens will be returning as well.

PS: I’m calling dibs on “Peyton and the brothers Gunn” as the name of my future band.

Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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