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E3 2011 Live coverage : Ghost Recon Future Soldier Interview

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Day two has certainly kicked off in a big way. My second meeting at the Ubisoft booth was still with Ghost Recon, but this time for a one on one interview.

Hit the jump as I sit down with the lead game designer, Roman Campos Oriola on the new Ghost Recon Future Soldier and he gave me the low down on what this title is bringing to the Ghost Recon table.

Lazygamer: If you had to describe Ghost Recon: Future soldier in a nutshell?

Roman: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is really a first person, cover based shooter with a strong focus on the Intel and equality. So basically you know the position and the intention of your enemies so as you coordinate with your team.

Lazygamer: I noticed that the first level starts in Nigeria, will we see a big variety of levels in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier?

Roman: Yeah, the focus is on taking the player all across the world. In fact the map you played, the Nigeria map is not the first map of the game. The first map will be in Bolivia, then to a refugee camp in Africa and then you will go to a big town in Pakistan, and then will go to Georgia and so on, and so on. We want to send the player all around the world.

Lazygamer: Am I correct in saying that the voices I heard in the first demo level were speaking Afrikaans?

Roman: Yeah they are. They are war lords, and they are opposing mercenaries. But South Africans are not the enemies of the game.

Lazygamer: The guns, will there be lots of customisation?

Roman: Yeah definitely, there will be a lot of focus on customisation. Special Forces can customize their guns, we have 52 guns, spread into 8 categories. Also included are 50 attachments. So you can customize the length of your barrel depending on the range, the trigger group depending on the rate of fire you want to have, gas system based on the recall. But if you are not a gun freak and you just want a gun for long range, you just say with Kinect “long range” and you will have it right in front of you, with all the attachments applied for long range engagements.

Lazygamer: Will the game be launching Kinect enabled?

Roman: Yes, the game will launch fully compatible with the Microsoft Kinect.

Last Updated: June 9, 2011

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