Early pics from THE RAID 2 bring the pain and story details

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When The Raid: Redemption was released, it was declared the manliest movie of all time. The Expendables bowed before it, and the film itself would break your bones the second you inserted it into a DVD player, to weed out weaklings from proceeding further than the main menu. Which would explain why Kervyn is constantly in a full body cast, and raving about how awesome that film is.

Now a cult hit, the movie is seen as one of the best action films in recent years. So of course, it’s time for a sequel.

Gareth Evans is once again writing and directing,  with a new Raid film that carries the tagline Berandal, or Thug in english. Evans is looking to up the ante on this action film, and recently described a scene that takes advantage of high speed car chases and claustrophobia;

So we have like a cool fight scene where you go inside a car, fighting against four people as it’s speeding along a one-way.

Having barely survived being trapped in a tower with hordes of bloodthirsty gangsters, Rama 9Iko Uwais) is once again in trouble in the sequel. And that’sa  mere two hours after the first film ended, according to Evans, when he tweeted the following a while back;

And commence filming, Evans did. Still on a Twitter high, Evans also tweeted some new pictures from the set of the sequel. Check ’em out if you’re a fan of hoodies;

It’s still going to be a while to go before Evans wraps up production on this flick, which sees Rama going undercover to take down a Jakarta crime syndicate, deal with corrupt cops and find a way to protect his family at the same time.

“To all our fans thank you so much for your support. We can’t wait to come back and show you what we have been working on,” Evans said in a press release. “We’ll be there in 2014 with a film bigger, better and bloodier! Wish us luck.”

Meanwhile, I’ll be pumping weights and killing my food with my bare hands so that I can be worthy enough to watch this sequel when it arrives.




Last Updated: February 1, 2013

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