Edgar Wright and JJ Abrams are on a collision course for COLLIDER

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Oh look, it’s JJ Abrams, clutching numerous secrets, as per bloody usual. While the man is always busy scripting or directing some sort of film that is cloaked in secrecy, one of his other projects, Collider has finally found a director, in the form of Edgar Wright, who knows how to make such enigma-hoarding fun at least.

With Wright directing, Abrams producing and Mark “I am legend” Protosevich writing, it looks like the trio has a new mystery project in the works.  So what exactly is in the works from the gang?

Well, as one can guess, no details have been revealed as of yet. Although, knowing Abrams and Protosevich, who landed the gig after penning the script for Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake, it will no doubt deal with something catastrophic that changes the world.

Collider, that’s an unusual name for a film, kind of like that massive doughnut under Switzerland which regularly punches god particles in the face with science.

I wonder if those two projects are related?


Last Updated: July 24, 2012

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