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Edgar Wright's next film could be NIGHT STALKER

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You’ve got to feel bad for Edgar Wright. He’s been working for years now on prepping an Ant-Man film, and in the blink of a hasty script rewrite, he’s out of the picture. Bloody creative differences. Still, his departure is Marvel’s loss, as Wright is one of the best directors around today. So what’s next for him? Well, it looks like he could be stalking the night soon, with Johnny Depp.


With the Cornetto trilogy done, Wright could be moving back to a property that he was attached to a couple of years ago. According to Deadline, Wright will tackle the Dosney property that would star Johnny Depp in the lead role as Carl Kolchak, a tabloid crime reporter who investigates the supernatural underworld. A script by D.V DiVicentis has been completed, and once Depp finishes work on his current slate of projects (Black Mass, Alice in Wonderland 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5), will team up with Wright.

An action/horror/comedy sounds like something that is perfect for Wright, while teaming up with Depp is just good business. If Wright tackles this next, he could be hit with one other Disney challenge however: Making the project a PG-13 flick so that Disney can market it to families. Still, hopefully Wright will stalk the night in the near future.



Last Updated: May 28, 2014

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