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Eli Roth can't wait to have you over for dinner in his next film, The Green Inferno

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For a man that made his name known after directing some of the grisliest films in history, Eli Roth has kept thataspect of his career quite low-key, with his last film being Hostel 2 back in 2007.

That’s all set to change however, as Roth has something new for audiences to feast on.Roth will be returning to his horror movie roots when he takes on The Green Inferno, a film that he co-wrote with Guillermo “Aftershock” Amoedo. Variety has reported that the film will be a remake of sorts of the 1988 horror, Naturo Contro, otherwise known as Cannibal Holocaust 2.

That original film however, was not an actual true successor to the original infamous gore-fest from 1980, but rather had that title slapped onto it in order to get some marketing steam behind it.

The Roth-Amoedo script will center on a band of naive goodie two-shoes who crash-land deep in the Peruvian jungles, and who run into a tribe of vicious man-eaters.

Cannibal genre films have always been considered to be horror movies in bad taste (snicker), but with Roth and his charateristic ultra-violence at the helm, it looks like we’re in for the mother of all niche-genre gore-films.

The Green Inferno is currently scheduled to start production some time later this year, with location shooting in Peru and Chile, for a release sometime in 2013.

For those of you who need some form of cannibilistic entertainment right now, here’s a funny music video to tide you over.

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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