Eric Bana may need to BEWARE THE NIGHT

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Cop films are popular. So are horror movies. So why don’t we get to see more such movies combining talents and themes then? That may just be the case for Eric Bana though, as he’ll be investigating a 666 for the upcoming mash-up, Beware the Night.

Bana is in talks right now to star in the film, which has been developed by Scott Derrickson, with writing assists from Paul Boardman. If Bana signs on for the project, he’ll be playing a New York police officer that happens to investigate the more supernatural side of the boroughs, from werewolves through to demonic possessions.

So kind of like Hellboy’s the B.P.R.D, but with more paperwork we reckon.

Screen Gems will back the movie, a project that originally had Mark Wahlberg in mind for the lead role, before he passed it up to go hang out with the Autobots in Transformers 4.

Bana is picking up the role, and before he starts work on Beware the Night , he’ll be seen next in a legal terrorism thriller by the name of Closed Circuit, and is currently working on Last Survivor, with Marky Mark himself.


Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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