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Every clue and secret in that first trailer for Justice League

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Justice League! Earth’s mightiest heroes, finally uniting in one dismal and bleak movie to protect humanity and save the day while millions around the world die in the process. Or not exactly, as DC and Warner Bros. may have finally learnt that what fans want is proper escapism from their own dystopian lifestyles, not a two-hour prescription for Prozac.

And it looks like Justice League may just be that movie, without having to borrow too many elements from Marvel’s massively successful Avengers films along the way. Let’s take a closer look then at that trailer which popped up on the weekend at Comic Con:

Justice League (1)

DC’s movies may be changing their tone, but just about very city and town in this movie universe still looks wrecked by poverty. Fortunately, at least one small fishing village has a saviour who comes along on the “King’s tide”. WINK WINK.

Justice League (27)

Looks like Bruce Wayne has been chasing down the myth of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman for a very, very long time judging by that trendy amount of facial he happens to be sporting. And this is one beard-off that doesn’t end well for the Gotham City billionaire.

Justice League (12)

Over the last couple of years, decades even, DC has attempted to remind people that Aquaman isn’t a joke. It’s basically the equivalent of Jim Carrey’s attempts to be taken seriously in the world of acting. But even with a few reboots, kickass storylines and at least one instance in the Justice League cartoon where Arthur Curry chopped his own hand off just so that he could save his son, audiences still haven’t been able to think of Aquaman as anything other than a joke.

Maybe this version, which projects pure intensity, can finally make Aquaman be taken seriously again. I mean, he’s basically his Game of Thrones character with extra ink, right?

Justice League (13)


Justice League (14)

That’s not the ocean. That’s the collective excitement of Momoa fans leaking pure joygasms at the sight of this new king of the seas.

Justice League (3)

Jou ma se box. Looks like the technology of the gods will be a primary focus in Justice Legue, as we look at one group of LARPers burying one of the super-duper-computers on our planet. But who are they? Vikings? Atlanteans? Old Gods or even New Gods from New Genesis? That’s a good question.

Justice League (4)

What is a motherbox essentially? Think of them as the ultimate computers, sentient and able to tap into quantum mechanics to do anything from providing unlimited information, calculating impossible equations or even opening massive portals throughout space and time just for starters. Plus, you don’t even need to recharge them daily or worry about reading through a lengthy TOS document. Neat!

Justice League (43)

“I’m looking for warriors,” Batman says in a voiceover. Fortunately, they don’t get any fiercer than Diana of Themyscira, the Wonder Woman of our age as she returns to kick some ass once again. Interesting note: Her shield has numerous Greek symbols glowing on the outer portion. Wonder if there’s any hidden meaning there.

Justice League (9)

And here’s our first look at Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, the Flash. And right off the bat, I like that he’s the youngest and most energetic member of this Justice League, exuding endless optimism.

Justice League (31)

And possibly some nervousness over the fact that one of the richest men in the world has been sitting for who knows how long now in his second favourite chair. Barry’s lair is interesting. It’s somewhat chaotic and cluttered, a mix of old and new tech with graffiti on the walls and random tech lying around. Clearly nothing like the STAR Labs HQ that Barry has in his TV series. Although I do like that his costume has its own special display.

If you look closely at all those monitors, you can see that they’re detailing different forms of aerodynamics. Perhaps this Flash is still learning how to properly harness the Speed Force before he accidentally runs himself into scattered atoms.

Justice League (19)

Is that a possible Suicide Squad reference above Bruce I see there?

Justice League (24)

How do you check to see if someone you suspect to be a metahuman has super-speed? You fling a hunk of metal at his face and pray that he also has super-reflexes included in that Speed Force package.

Justice League (40)

What’s interesting here is how Barry’s Speed Force powers manifest themselves. The expected slow motion visuals aside, it appears as if Barry generates actual Speed Force lightning on an organic level whenever he taps into it, creating a unique effect. And possible hell for the special effects team that has to draw each bolt every second. Also, let your ears listen closely to whenever Barry makes a normal movement when he has one ring to rule them all on: You can hear him slicing the air around him.

Justice League (37)

“I need… friends,” Allen says before Bruce Wayne can even finish his speech. Mark my words, Barry Allen is going to be the heart and soul of these movies.

Justice League (34)

Hey it’s actor Ray Fisher as Victor Stone! Which is also the name of Cyborg before most of his body was mangled in an accident that left him barely alive. Fortunately, that nearby Motherbox in Batman V Superman seemed to restore him to mobile condition.

Justice League (28)

Batman’s costume has had a few tweaks since his tussle with the man of steel. There are several pronounced sections of armour with the same kevlar pattern, especially on the shoulders, arms and abs. Eagle-eyed viewers might have also noticed some wraps on his gauntlets as well as a slightly pointier cowl. But it’s largely still the same costume for most of the film. Expect Wayne to don some other specialist armour later on in Justice League.

Justice League (26)

Robocop, eat your mechanical heart out. All the classic Cyborg elements are there, but Victor’s design is a lot more angular, somewhat reminiscent of what you’d see in modern military vehicles today. It’s also clearly all-CGI, harkening back to the Kryptonian prison suits worn in Man of Steel. But it’s a fantastic design all the same. And he can barely believe that the Batman is actually real.

Justice League (11)

“I’m real when it’s useful,” Batman says, with a fixed modulater that doesn’t make him sound like he gargles razor-wire every morning when he gets out of bed. I think Affleck may just have the best Batman voice.

Justice League (10)

With Superman not around because reasons to anyone who didn’t watch Batman V Superman, it looks like our Justice League team so far is more of a quartet than a squad.

Justice League (32)

Bruce Wayne may be recruiting new faces to tackle the threat of Apokolips, but it’s Wonder Woman who seems to be in charge here. And I’m loving the chemistry between Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck in these small scenes. More or less. More more.

Justice League (33)

“I hear you can talk to fish,” Wayne says in a deadpan manner. WINK WINK.

Justice League (38)

And here we have a first look at Barry Allen’s Flash costume. And it is magnificent. With a bigger budget than his TV counterpart, this Allen has lightweight armour, style and it actually looks properly protective while providing the mobility to run at supersonic speeds.

Justice League (39)

Or probably even quicker, judging by the amount of Speed Force lightning he’s sparking off. Man, cosplayers are going to have their hands full recreating this costume. And that’s mostly it! Justice League is out next year November and stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, J.K. Simmons, Willem Dafoe and Jeremy Irons.

Last Updated: July 25, 2016

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