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Everything that you may have missed in the new DAY OF THE DOCTOR trailer

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Doc Who Day of the Doctor (1)

You know what really gets my TARDIS tingling for The Day of the Doctor? It’s not John Hurt in a mysterious role, the return of David Tennant or the penultimate chapter in Matt Smith’s fantastic run as the last Time Lord. It’s that there will hopefully be some answers revealed this year, to questions that have been around ever since Christopher Eccleston put on a leather jacket and told Rose to start running.

I’ve been combing through the latest trailer for that 50th anniversary special, taking plenty of snapshots of it. And I’m digging the possible resolutions that I’ve seen so far.

Day of the Doctor (1)

If there’s one period of time that fans have been wanting to see more of, it’s the Last Great Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords, a conflict which could trace its roots all the way back to the Fourth Doctor adventures where he attempted to stop the Daleks from being created. This year, it looks like the BBC finally has enough cash to special effect the hell out of a battle that almost left reality in flames.

Day of the Doctor (2)

Day of the Doctor (3)

Day of the Doctor (4)

Gallifrey has seen better days, as the planet of the Time Lords is burning under the strain of the Dalek attack. Plus check out those rad Gallifreyan Guardsmen. Nova Corp, eat your heart out.

Day of the Doctor (5)

I love that the Daleks are becoming more and more lethal with each legend, despite being roided-out pepper shakers.

Day of the Doctor (6)

Only a Time Lord council could wear a popped collar like that with style, which means that they’re considering that final sanction plan which Rassillon attempted to activate all the way back in The End of Time.

Day of the Doctor (7)

“Great men are forged in fire” Says John Hurt’s enigmatic lost Doctor.

Day of the Doctor (8)

Ladies and gentlemen, the big bad wolf herself is back. Now let’s play a drinking game to see which part of Billie Piper’s face is the biggest.

Day of the Doctor (9)

The Moment, a fixed point of time which saw the Daleks and Time Lords reduced to but a handful of survivors, has always been hinted at. Was John Hurt’s Doctor the man who activated that mysterious device to end the Last Great Time War?

Day of the Doctor (10)

Ooh, looks like Clara has some Jack Harkness time-travel tech on her wrist, which last saw some use back when River Song helped the Doctor reboot the universe with the big bang 2.0.

Day of the Doctor (11)

Day of the Doctor (12)

As much fun as it is to hear Matt Smith shout Geronimo again, Tennat steals the scene with his catchier Allons-y and older TARDIS control room. Let’s go indeed.

Day of the Doctor (13)

Just how is Rose and her big bad wolf persona connected to the John Hurt Doctor?

Day of the Doctor (14)

Day of the Doctor (15)

This isn’t the first time that Matt Smith has hung on for dear life outside his TARDIS, but it he seems to be having a blast as he flies through London for once.

Day of the Doctor (16)

Ooh, looks like that Superb Norton Commando motorcycle that Smith used in The Bells of Saint John will be making another anti-grav appearance. This makes me happy.

Day of the Doctor (17)

There’s a  quiet, yet authoritative nature to John Hurt’s Doctor,  and you can bet that isn’t his comfy leather chair that he has just taken over.

Day of the Doctor (18)

Day of the Doctor (19)

Mine’s bigger.

Day of the Doctor (20)

The smart glasses and fez make a return for both Doctors.

Day of the Doctor (22)

Usually, two Doctor’s never get along, but it seems that Smith and Tennant have a real fondness for one another, to the point where they’re perfectly synchronised.

Day of the Doctor (23)

Well, mine can also get hard, so there.

Day of the Doctor (24)

Any possibility that Smith is pulling a Rassillon trick here and sending that fez into the deadliest war that the universe ever saw?

Day of the Doctor (25)

Day of the Doctor (26)

The second Doctor may be dead, but his catch phrase “I don’t like it” lives on with his other incarnations.

Day of the Doctor (27)

Elizabeth the First, are you running from a monster or a chance to get that bow to finally pop the Doctor the arrow that he’s been deserving for all these years?

Day of the Doctor (28)

Zygons were made of rubber, foam and had midgets stuffed inside of them when they first appeared in the classic series. Now, they’re made from nightmares, fear juices and discarded Stephen King scripts.

Day of the Doctor (29)

It’s small on the outside, but the TARDIS has a bigger can of ass-kicking available on the inside.

Day of the Doctor (30)









Last Updated: November 14, 2013


  1. David Tennant. *Swoon*. That’s all I got.


    • Kervyn Cloete

      November 14, 2013 at 13:01

      Tennant schmenant. Smith for mother-effing win!


      • Tracy Benson

        November 14, 2013 at 13:04



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