Home Entertainment Explore a chocolate starfish in this red band trailer for THIS IS 40

Explore a chocolate starfish in this red band trailer for THIS IS 40

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Knocked up was a breath of fresh air in the romantic comedy circles when it was first launched, as stars Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl had to find a way to deal with unexpected pregnancy, growing up and finding a place in life.

That film was a decent hit, thanks to the fact that unlikely partners Rogen and Heigl (GASP!) actually hit it off. But what about their chums Pete and Debbie? Could those two bickering newly-weds get along, like ebony and Ivory?

A ‘sort of sequel’ to Knocked Up, the spin-off film that is This is 40 finds Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann five years later, dealing with all the challenges that life has to offer. Such as finding out what to do with yourself when you’ve got four hours of Viagra left to kill.

Looks like a decent setup for some family humour, as well as some signature inappropriate comedy form director Judd Apatow. If that still isn’t enough to wet your appetite, then feast your eyes on the following screenshots courtesy of IndieWire, some of which star Megan Fox. Stop licking my monitor Kervyn!

This is 40 is out this week in the US of A. It’ll hit our shores, next year March 22.

Last Updated: December 11, 2012

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