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Extras! 10 April 2014

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

  • I’ll be honest, and admit that I have yet to make it past episode four of Game of Thrones season 1 without falling asleep. Season 4 is currently on, and it looks like KFC has teamed up with HBO for some cross-promotional stuff that has completely flown over my head. Son in an attempt to stay relevant, erm, Hodor?

  • Looks like Matt Damon is heading into space once again, in order to rack up those Voyager miles. The next film starring Team America punchline will be The Martian, a sci-fi project described as a cross between “Apollo 13” and “Cast Away,”. It’ll also be completely different from Alfonso Cuarons mega-hit Gravity, so no one needs to be sued. Drew “Cabin in the Woods” Goddard was originally supposed to helm the project, but his hands in a Sinister Six project, Fox is moving on and looking to fast-track the project, head-hunting for other talent along the way. IN SPA-ACE!
  • Poster of the day: Labyrinth


  • With HBO’s fourth season of Game of Thrones underway, the numbers have been good and the reception more positive than a coupling between a royal brother and sister (Eeeew). Naturally, the show is catching up quickly to the books, so HBO will be letting the series rest for a few years after season four is finished. Actually, that’s a complete lie. HBO has officially greenlit two more seasons of GOT, so George Arr Arrk Martin better start writing more quickly.


  • Let’s do the Timecop again! It’s just a jump to the left, and you’ll find two new writers attached to the remake, in the form of Mark and Brian Gunn, who wrote the screenplay for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Hopefully this remake will include kitchen-splits and mullet hair-styles from the far-off future of 2004.
  • FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! With Captain America: The Winter Soldier benefitting from some Avengers exposure and cleaning up at the box office, you’d imagine that releasing on the same date as Batman vs Superman would result in some box office kryptonite. Thing is, Warner Bros isn’t exactly backing down, and are more than happy to play a game of release date chicken with Marvel and Disney.“It doesn’t make a lot of sense for two huge superhero films to open on the same date but there is a lot of time between now and 5/6/16,” Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros., said in an interview with Bloomberg.com“However at this time, we are not considering a change of date for ‘Batman vs. Superman.'”
  • Here’s your first clip of Dwayne Johnsons Hercules in action. Careful, everytime Johnson flexes a muscle, someone inevitably loses an eye.

  • This image of Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Sean Astin engaged in a lightsaber fight needs no context. Although it probably does have too much fan-fiction circulating the net already.


  • It’s hard to believe, but cult zombie comedy classic Shaun of the Dead is now ten years old. The first Cornetto trilogy movie made by director Edgar Wright and starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, it’s a movie that needs to be seen by everyone at least once in their lifetime. And several more times after the zombie bite. To celebrate, Wright has released the script for the movie online. As well as the scripts for Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.
  • Did you know that the first person to menace Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator wasn’t a suited up Kevin Peter Hall, but actually none other than Jean Claude van Damme? Yep, the muscles from Brussels was supposed to combine his martial arts with alien weaponry in the movie, but that never happened. That’s because A) JCVD looked completely ridiculous in the prototype suit and B) was even more physically limited in the suit than Oscar Pistorius’ defense. There’s no actual footage of JCVD stumbling around. Until today that is:

If you have anything you would like to contribute to Extras, whether it be interesting stories, funny videos, or artistic photos of yourself in morally questionable poses, feel free to drop a mail to kervyn@themovies.co.za.

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