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Extras! – 12 February 2014

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!  


Extras-bullet-points-micro3There’s a lot of creepy ideas floating around Hollywood right now, but no one wants to buy my script for the Shinning, a supernatural scuff movie. What the studios are more interested in right now, is The Shuddering, a supernatural thriller that will star January “Mad Men” Jones as the lead character being tormented by creepy phantasms. George “Salvation Boulevard” Ratliff will direct, with the film out later this year.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3AEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nope, Kervyn hasn’t returned from his vacation after going native. Instead, that’s the sound of Tarzan swinging back into theatres, as the lord of the jungle eyes a July 1 2016 release date.

Starring Alexander “True Blood” Skarsgård as the chimp-raised man of Africa, the film will be shot in 3D (AEEEEEHAHAHAHAHA) and also star Samuel L Jackson, Margot Robbie as Jane Porter and Christoph Waltz.

David “Harry Potter” Yates directs.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Retro movie poster of the day


Extras-bullet-points-micro3Gotham City just got a little bit unsafe, as a new crime lord waddled into town waah waaak! Now that Ben McKenzie has landed the lead role in the series as Detective Jim Gordon, it looks like he’ll have some questions for Oswald Cobblepot, a role that will be played by Robin Lord Taylor.

Trusty butler Alfred has also been cast, with that acting gig going to Sean “Dog Soldiers” Pertwee. Here’s how Variety described the latest castings, which also included Zabryna Guevara as Captain Essen and Erin Richards as Barbara Kean:

  • Cobblepot: ”With the brains of a chess grandmaster and the morals of a jackal, Cobblepot is a low-level psychopath for gangster Fish Mooney, and hides his sadistic lust for power behind an exquisitely polite demeanor.”
  • Alfred: “A tough-as-nails ex-marine from East London, Pennyworth has loyally served the Wayne family. Now, in the wake of their tragic deaths, he’s fiercely protective of the young Bruce Wayne — the boy who will eventually become Batman.”
  • Essen: “Essen balances the two worlds of police and politics with a Machiavellian skill that’s as much corporate litigator as cop.”
  • Kean: “A sophisticated emergency doctor, Kean stands by her husband amid the corrupt world of Gotham.”

The hunt for Bruce Wayne, is still on. Expect that role to be announced soon.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Here’s a compilation of a ton of Grindhouse movie trailers, that are needless to say, filled with more blood and boobs than your dodgy VHS collection:

Extras-bullet-points-micro3HI-YAH! Yep, it’s a new image for Miss Piggy from Muppets: Most Wanted, where it looks like Kermit has finally popped the big question. Gentlemen who are close to divorcing your wives, you may now make snide comparisons.


Also, she looks a lot like the late Princess Diana with that hairdo.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3It’s not even out yet and already the upcoming YA casualty of box office war, Divergent, is getting a sequel. The only problem however, is that Divergent director Neil Burger won’t be around to helm this project.

So who will direct Insurgent? Robert “Red” Schwentke, that’s who!

Extras-bullet-points-micro3And to end today off, here’s Oscar Award contender Gravity, re-animated in a 60 second push. Naturally there’s a ton of spoilers present, but then again, Tracy’s gun that happens to be pointed at my head says otherwise.

Send help, please!


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