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  • Who has the biggest visual effects budget these days? Most of the time, it’s one of those Real Housewives of Atlanta/New York/Mitchel’s Plain TV shows, as extensive CGI is usually needed in order to convice people that the screaming harpies on their TV screens are actually human beings. However, that honour may go to the Avengers sequel next year, as Age Of Ultron will have over 3000 shots wherein digital wizardry is utilised. That’s about 500 more than Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 250 more than Guardians Of The Galaxy and about on par with any TV show starring Joan Rivers.
  •  It’s been a strange couple of years for the October movie season. While horror films generally tend to launch in this fright night period, they’ve been devoid of regular slashers such as that man of your dreams Freddy Kruger or that summer camp fan Jason Voorhees. Also missing, is that killer in a William Shatner mask Michael Myers. We’ve had two new films starring the slasher in recent years thanks to Rob Zombie. And it looks like a third may be on the way according to producer Malek Akkad:

It’s been a joy to work with so many creative people – ten films.We’re working on eleven as we speak. We’re working on a script right now. A new draft – perfect timing – is supposed to hit the day before Halloween. Hopefully my Halloween night reading will be a good read.

Poster Of The Day: Hello. I’m…Christopher Walken…and this…is a poster for my new…Broadway,play.


  • If you’re an anime fan, then you most likely still have a dodgy VHS copy of the one film that got you hooked onto quality Japanese animation: Ghost In The Shell. A Hollywood adaptation has been stuck in development hell for many a year now. At one point, Margot “Wolf Of Wall Street” Robbie was going to jack in, but it looks like she may have been beaten to the role by a widowmaker. Or a Black Widow to be precise, as Scarlett Johansson is now rumoured to be getting ready for an upgrade.
  • You know, as much as we enjoy making fun of New Zealand and their Jaeger Rugby Hobbit, you have to admit that doing the Haka is one hell of a way to land an audition. Which is probably how Jason Momoa got cast in Game Of Thrones. I’d like to imagine that this is also how he got cast as potentially the most badass Aquaman of all time.

  • Movie spacesuits, you’ve come a long way. From suits that were about as protective as a condom stapled to an educational pamphlet, to the real world inspirations for the upcoming Interstellar, the humble protective garment has evolved over the decades. And Empire has a fantastic gallery of the suits for you to peruse.
  • Speaking of spacesuits, that’s enough of a tangible lead-in for me to mention Prometheus 2! Woo! Elizabeth Shaw herself recently spoke to MTV about the sequel, and who she’ll be tangling with after director Ridley Scott revealed that the infamous Xenomorphs would be taking a backseat in film deux:

God? Or the Devil? I don’t know where [Scott is going to take us, but I can’t wait to go there. I don’t know what we’re going to discover. She can’t go to Earth. There’s nothing left for her there really. She wants to go where they came from, those creatures… so what’s there? I don’t know.

  • Back in 1999, The Blair Witch Project debuted. And if you can remember the buzz surrounding that film, you’ll remember that it was also a game-changer of note. What you might not remember is that shooting the film was an exercise in actor abuse of Stanley Kubrick proportions, as the documentary Moments That Changed The Movies: The Blair Witch Project will educate you on:s That Changed The Movies: The Blair Witch Project

  • Much like my organs after eating perhaps too many bean and cheese burritos, Nicholas Sparks penned movies are rather predictable amounts of gushing crap. With his next film The Best Of Me set to debut soon, EW had a look at all 8 films that Sparks had written. And surprise surprise, they all follow a rather standard formula of love, death and heartache.  Which again describes my organs after I’ve cleansed my system of Mexican food.

Let’s be honest here: Trans4mers is a shockingly terrible movie. I mean, I think Freddy Got Fingered is comedic genius and even I found the fourth Autobot flick to be about as much fun as catching Herpes. The chaps over at CinemaSins weren’t exactly impressed either. In fact, they had to nitpick the film over not one but two videos. Brace yourself for a jumbo two-parter about everything that’s wrong with Transformers 4:


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