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Extras! 26 March 2015

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

  • As if we needed another reason to love The Flash, check out this vid of Jesse L. Martin (Joe), Carlos Valdes (Cisco), and Rick Cosnett (Eddie) singing the theme song to Firefly as a thank you for Joss Whedon donating to Martin’s short film Kickstarter project.

Still the best country and western song ever written, if you ask me.

  • In news as unexpected as Darryn buying another skintight leather bodysuit (for his Batman costume, obviously!) director Sam Taylor-Johnson will officially not be returning for the Fifty Shade of Grey sequel. Taylor-Johnson’s endless on-set battles with tyrannical micro-managing author E.L. James have been well documented, so everybody saw this coming from a mile away. With screenwriter Kelly Marcel also not returning (reports say that James is insisting that she write the script herself) and the lead actors demanding more money to come back, the production is finding itself in its own red room of pain at the moment.
  • Poster of the day: From Dusk Till Dawn


  • So big-time entertainment publication Deadline put up a rather inflammatory (and very idiotic, imho) article recently titled “TV Pilots 2015: The Year of Ethnic Castings—About Time or Too Much of a Good Thing” and people in Hollywood are justifiably not happy about it. They are being utterly hilarious about it though, but also definitely not happy. For more laughs, check out the #DeadlineHeadlines hashtag on Twitter.
  • We just can’t leggo of LEGO around here, and it seems we won’t need to as WB has a couple of film projects planned all spun off from the incredible success of The LEGO Movie. And now we can add another one to the brick pile as funny man Jason Segel (The Muppets, How I Met Your Mother) and screenwriter Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) will be co-directing a new LEGO spinoff movie titled The Billion Brick Race. No story details are available as yet, but that’s a very potent pairing to be tackling this world.
  • Key & Peele are going full length! No that is not as dirty as it sounds, but rather my way of saying that Paramount are busy developing a full-length feature film based the “Substitute Teacher” skit from the hit comedy sketch show. The movie will see Keegan-Michael Key reprise his role as “over-the-top substitute Mr. Garvey”, while collaborator Jordan Peele will play “a rival teacher determined to be the students’ favorite”. Here’s the sketch for those of you who haven’t seen it.

  • Still officially unconfirmed at this time, but there’s a story going around that Idris Elba is in early talks to play the main villain in Star Trek 3. Rumours have been swirling for a while that the Justin Lin directed threequel will feature Klingons as the main antagonists, with the traditional Star Trek baddies have been almost entirely absent from the rebooted movies thus far.
  • We only had small glimpses of Jamie Bell’s The Thing in the trailer for Fantastic Four, but thanks to an Instagram user (via /Film) taking this pic in front of a billboard of the film, we finally have a decent look at his face. And yes, that definitely looks very Thing-ish.


  • Speaking of first looks at characters in comic book superhero movies, X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer has revealed that the upcoming film will actually feature fan-favourite character Jubilation Lee aka Jubilee, who will be played by newcomer Lana Condor.

I’d officially like to welcome our newest mutant #JubilationLee, #Jubilee @LanaCondor to #XMEN #Apocalypse

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

Hopefully she does a better job than this version of the character.

  • I have many hobbies: Reading, drawing, watching anime, playing squash, video games and of course calling Darryn funny names. And I just got a major boost to the repertoire of that latter hobby after watching this clip of the 100 greatest movie insults of all time.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to Extras, whether it be interesting stories, funny videos, or artistic photos of yourself in morally questionable poses, feel free to drop a mail to kervyn@themovies.co.za.

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