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Extras! All the news you missed! Act 001 – Scene 001

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Being an extra is a thankless job. Always being upstaged by these actors with their… ugh… “talent”… while you’re being forced to stand in the background, contemplating your dead-end job as you silently mime having an animated conversation with Random Man with Fanny Pack #2.Cheap Uggs Outlet

Well so too in the world of movie news, where smaller stories and interesting tidbits will quite often get completely lost in the Internet shouting matches about the major trailers, reveals and previews. So instead of you, avid reader, having to trawl the murky depths of the web, allow us to collect them for you, and present them every evening in a daily news dump.Cheap Uggs Outlet

Just like this one!

TODAY’S EXTRAS INCLUDE: Paramount is the biggest kid in the schoolyard, the countdown to Skyfall has begun, Sandra Bullock keeps it au naturel, Sam Worthington is a bum, Kristen Wiig doesn’t want to be a bridesmaid anymore and Justin Timberlake = Elton John?

Paramount was the most successful studio of 2011 with $5bn in total revenue

Full documentary The Mythology of Star Wars now available for viewing on Youtube

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity will feature a makeup-free Sandra Bullock

Anybody want an awesome Chewbacca hoodie?… Anyone?… Just me, hey?

Sam Worthington prefers to be homeless

Awesome Star Wars poster celebrates the 35th year anniversary of the Battle of Yavin

Universal wants to make a Bridesmaids sequel. Star Kristen Wiig doesn’t

007.com has been revamped with a Skyfall countdown timer and behind the scene vids

Horrible Bosses is getting a sequel. Hopefully with more comb-over Colin Farrel

Elton John confirms that his biopic is a go, and he wants Justin Timberlake to portray him


And that’s all for now, folks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see a man about about a shaved capuchin monkey and a bucket of hand soap.

Last Updated: January 5, 2012

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