Home Entertainment Extras! Al Pacino isn't depicable any more, Men in Black are back, Zoe Saldana wears make up, Jurassic Park is headed back home and Superman needs to learn how to save his games! Plus much more!

Extras! Al Pacino isn't depicable any more, Men in Black are back, Zoe Saldana wears make up, Jurassic Park is headed back home and Superman needs to learn how to save his games! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

May the Fourth be with you! Okay, so my Star Wars Day greetings are two days late, but it’s not as if we work on the weekends. Even if we did, I spent my Revenge of the Fifth recovering from all the activities of Free Comic Book Day. And me recovering, I actually meant my wallet. And while I was busy contemplating having to sell my body again to make ends meet this month, Star Wars Episode 7 director JJ Abrams was busy making videos with his Star Trek star Simon Pegg, discussing what it’s like to take over the reins on one of the biggest movie properties of all time.

There’s something going on at Disney, and no I’m not just talking about the questionable deeds that Mickey and Minnie get up to behind Courage Mountain once the park closes. The House of Mouse appears to be putting together some mysterious new animated feature, and all we know so far is that Jason Bateman will be providing one of the voices in an “animal comedy” that could be a “really wild, different concept of a film” directed by Tangled director Byron Howard.

Prepare to once again be visited by some men in dark suits who make you forget everything that just happened to you. No, I”m talking about those tuxedoed strippers with their tequila body shots! After the third film made a whole lot of moola at the Box Office last year, Sony wants to get back into the Men In Black business and as such have hired Mortal Kombat: Rebirth writer Oren Uziel to pen a script for a fourth film.

Oh, that Silver Samurai, always the attention hog! Now that the chromed cleaver has finally made his appearance in the latest trailer for The Wolverine, he apparently doesn’t want to give up the spotlight as he’s now getting his very own stylish ink-wash poster, thanks to the tweetiness of director James Mangold, who added this to his reveal of the pic.

“As we are beginning to offer glimpses of Silver Samurai, here’s a new great one sheet image for #thewolverine”


So the first few reviews for Star Trek Into Darkness have begun trickling in and Indie Wire has a nice roundup of the big ones. General consensus thus far seem to vary between incredible and great but not as great as its predecessor. I can live with that.

I’m guessing that by now a bunch of you have seen Iron Man 3. And if you’re a comic book geek like I am, then I’m guessing that a bunch of you may also have experienced much shaking of fists at the screen when the film’s big plot twist was revealed. Oh, you know which plot twist I’m talking about. Matt over IndieWire though would like to tell us that we’re all being really silly for getting upset about it. Unfortunately for my sense of pride, he’s also done it in a very well worded, logical and sensible fashion.

Damn, I hate it when they do that.

Looks like director Colin Treverrow is definitely going to be taking Jurassic Park 4 back to its roots. Literally. He tweeted this first behind the scenes pic from the film, with just this one very telling word: “Nublar”. Islar Nublar, as you may know, was the original island on which the Jurassic Park took place, as opposed to Isla Sorna where the second and third films were based.


And just like that, with one word and a single image, my excitement levels for Jurassic Park 4 just shot through the roof.

Despite how intrinsic brains are to zombie mythology, it doesn’t seem like there was much of it (or maybe there was too much) on the set of troubled zombie disaster flick, World War Z. So much so, that Guardian are speculating on whether Brad Pitt is making the most expensive disaster of all time.

Thanks to Total Film, we can now confirm that while Zoe Saldana will once again be playing a character with a colourful epidermis, like she did in Avatar, this time the chromatic effect for her Gamora in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be achieved through some more manual means rather than CG trickery. Much to her relief.

Hey, Jane Got a Gun! You may change cast members more frequently than Darryn changes underwear (about once a month, f.y.i.) but at least you’re not Despicable Me 2. With just two months to its release, and with production supposed to be wrapping up, the animated sequel has lost one of it’s main voices as Al Pacino has reportedly left the film over “creative differences” (my guess is that he wanted his character to shout more). Benjamin Bratt has now been called in to replace him as the voice of main bad guy Eduardo, and apparently will be getting to work right away to re-record the necessary dialogue.

Did you know that Henry Cavill nearly missed out on his casting call for Man of Steel because he was too busy playing World of Warcraft? Or how about the fact that he was actually the frontrunner to replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond before Daniel Craig suddenly got the gig? See, it’s not all Twilight jokes around here! We can also be informative!

It’s strange how I had no problem with Tobey Maguire in the role of Peter Parker during the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, but the moment I saw Andrew Garfield don the spandex I realized how much I actually wasn’t a fan of Maguire’s Spidey. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Maguire wasn’t more like an 80’s Bruce Lee, like he was in his screen test for the role. Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Well then just hit play and prepare to be amazed by Tobey Maguire’s naked chest.

Last Updated: May 6, 2013

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