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Extras! All the news you missed! Act 001 – Scene 004

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Extras! All the news you missed! Act 001 - Scene 004 2

Welcome to The Extras! This is all the news you may have missed today because just like me, after reading this morning’s Twitter discussion on Inception, you were left staring at your screen for hours, sunlight glinting off your drool washed chin, mouth agape like a void into the darkness of your soul and eyes so squint that the tears were rolling down your back.

TODAY’S EXTRAS INCLUDES: Amanda Seyfried is a porn star, movie goers in the US prefer Devils over super-spies, Warner Bros flips the script and Moon director Duncan Jones goes back to space for a Virgin


The Devil Inside has a record breaking opening weekend

Anybody want a Chewbacca plush backpack? What, again only me?

Warner Bros sends the wrong script for J. Edgar to the Academy

I09 has an exclusive an extensive look at the making of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo‘s unique titles

First look at Amanda Seyfried as ex-porn star Linda Lovelace

Somebody has created an awesome list of James Bond movie pictograms

Kiefer Sutherland spills some details on the 24 movie

Best Documentary Oscar hopefuls will now have to be reviewed in newspapers first

Moon and Source Code director makes an ad for Virgin money


And that’s all from me. If you have no idea what I was talking about earlier w.r.t Inception, don’t worry it will all be explained in an article later this week.

Last Updated: January 9, 2012

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