Home Entertainment Extras! Amazing short film – Project S.E.R.A, Martin Scorcese's Film School,The Making of The Raid, Project X red band trailer and has Robocop been found? Plus much more!

Extras! Amazing short film – Project S.E.R.A, Martin Scorcese's Film School,The Making of The Raid, Project X red band trailer and has Robocop been found? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today’s extra’s with a bloody bang. I’d bet dollars to donuts that Benjamin Howdeshell is a name that you’ve never heard of before. But I have a feeling that that is all about to change. Howdeshell is the first-time writer and director behind Project S.E.R.A, and what an impressive debut it is. Yes, it does feature those over-exposed brains loving zombie rascals, but when done this well, you can’t help but be impressed.

Venkman over at GeekTyrant has a list up of his 10 Favourite Best Picture Oscar Winning Movies. In a case of complete happenstance, the top 5 of his choices actually mirror mine exactly, especially his number 1 pick: Braveheart. I may not have seen it in cinema as much as he did (13 times?!), but I watched my VHS tape (For you confused young whipper snappers) of it so much, that I eventually damaged the actual tape. My wife walked into church to the Braveheart theme. I can quote pretty much the entire film from memory. It’s fair to say, that I really REALLY love that film.

When it comes to the relationship between director Terry Gilliam and his long in development Don Quixote film, it has been an on-again/off-again affair reminiscent of a bad Julia Roberts movie. The film’s production started in 2000 with Robert Duvall set to play Quixote and Ewan McGregor co-starring, but had the plug pulled just six days into filming, with Gilliam trying since then to get things going again. But now Bleeding Cool is reporting that the film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, is back on the cards.

The film’s screenwriter, Tony Grisoni, had this to say:

Us survivors of Don Q are a strange kind of dysfunctional family. Every year since we have rewritten the screenplay. And we’ve got quite good at it. You will be pleased to hear the Don is back up and in the saddle and ready to ride under new colours.

If you get even remotely excited by people finding creative ways to punch each other in the teeth, then you probably are going to want to see director Gareth Evans’ The Raid. Easily my most anticipated pure “skop, skiet en donder” film of the year, it is being hailed as the best action fight in decades. And now you can get a 13 minute glimpse as to how these Indonesian actors were turned into such effective punching and kicking death machines.

It would seem that all my fancy photoshop work may have been for nothing, as despite rumours suggesting Russel Crowe’s attachment to the project, Deadline is reporting that the lead role in director Jose Padhila’s Robocop reboot has been offered to Joel Kinnaman. He is best known as playing the lead role in the English language adaptation of Swedish drama, The Killing, as well having a brief but memorable turn recently in Safe House. (SPOILER – HIGHLIGHT TO READ: He’s the other safe housekeeper that Ryan Reynolds punches/kicks/stabs/cuts/defenestrates in the film’s final fight scene. END SPOILER). No word yet on whether he will accept of course, but based on the pieces of his work that I’ve seen, he certainly gets my vote.

There’s a new red band trailer out for out of control Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters high school party film, Project X. On top of the already seen teenage chaos (where do these American kids get a Odin-damned flame thrower?!), this new trailer ups the previous debauchery levels with some naughty words and boobies, which is always a winning combination, if you ask me.

Do you have dreams of one day becoming a filthy rich and famous film maker so that one day you too can sniff “flour” off the buttocks off some lightly moustached Eastern European girl of indeterminate age? But is a little thing like “reality” standing in your way? Well now, thanks to maestro director Martin Scorsese, you can take the first steps to chipping away at that pesky reality situation, by attending his “film school”. First on the syllabus: THE 85 FILMS YOU NEED TO SEE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FILM

Remember that scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope where Harrison Ford disguises himself as a Stormtrooper so that he can help Luke to rescue Leia? Yeah, well this cosplayer is kind of doing that wrong:

Damn, those hipsters. They’re taking over everywhere! They’ve even managed to pervert one of the best animated films of all time. Go back underground, hipsters!

Don’t agree with last night’s Oscar choices? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Joblo has put together a little video called Snubbed 2012, which runs just like all the Academy nominations videos, except that these are film’s that Joblo actually wanted to see win:

Although I don’t necessarily agree that all these films should have won, them not being nominated was just a damn shame.

Speaking of Shame (see what I did there?), word around the water cooler is that the only reason that Michael Fassbender was not nominated is because he got upstaged by one of his cast members. This cast member apparently gave a larger than life performance that stays in your head, long after the credits roll. But unfortunately for this cast member, I just cannot imagine Natalie Portman reading out “And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to…. Michal Fassbender’s penis!”

And that’s a wrap! Sweet giant penis infested dreams!

Last Updated: February 27, 2012

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