Extras! Avengers 3D Glasses are damn expensive and ugly, Big time producer shows us a lot of zeroes, The Rock gets mashed up and Channing Tatum shocks Rachel McAdams with his cockiness?! Plus much more!

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As a tie-in to The Avengers, Disney and Real-D have produced these special edition 3D glasses to be released along with the film. Not only are they blatant cash-ins though, they’re also blatantly expensive. They will be made available for an eye-watering $5 a pair. For those of you whose maths has deserted you in this late hour of the workday, that’s about R60 a pair. Compare that with the ~R5 you’re currently paying.

Have you wondered how much these high profile Hollywood film producers make? Well wonder no more, as an unnamed celebrity producer has provided Vulture with a full write-up of their finances, both income and expenses. Prepare yourself though. I had no idea that you could write numbers that big without also making use of letters and Greek symbols:

Here’s an amazing (but thoroughly twisted) 1 minute long short film titled The Messenger. I don’t want to give too much away, so I advise you to just watch it:

After all that creepiness, I think we need a pick-me-up. So here’s something far more lighthearted: the new poster for the upcoming 21 Jump Street reboot, which features co-stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill trying to look all gangster, but coming off all douchey. And if that groan-inducing tagline at the bottom doesn’t bring a smirk to your face, then nothing will.

Actually, I take all that back. Thin Jonah Hill creeps me out even more than the content of that video.

It’s veteran actor Gene “Why the hell did I ever do Superman IV?” Hackman’s 82nd birthday today. In celebration of this, Movies.com has listed his Top 10 Best Performances

Empire Online has a pictorial of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson film poster mashups. Like the article blurb says, “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be appalled at the punning…”. Here are a couple of the better examples:

Channing Tatum gave his The Vow costar, Rachel McAdams a bit of an eyeful, and possibly a myocardial infarction, when he had to perform a scene with her which required him to walk around a bedroom naked.  According to Stella Magazine (via IMDB), Tatum wanted to get a big reaction out of her as a prank, so for the scene he had the crew make him… well a bit more of a man, you could say, as McAdams tells it:

“Channing got the props department to make a prosthetic, um, member. Literally a fake penis. I didn’t know what to do, I thought, ‘Is that the real deal?’ It was very realistic… It was ridiculous, the scale of it!”

On that ballsy note, I’m out of here. And yes, I also can’t say “infarction” without cackling like Beavis.

Last Updated: January 31, 2012

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