Home Entertainment Extras! Django's bits causes big trouble in China, Charlie Hunman is getting flashy, Rachel McAdams circles a Crowe, Cap gets some new duds and Samuel L.Jackson wants you to go the f–k to sleep! Plus much more!

Extras! Django's bits causes big trouble in China, Charlie Hunman is getting flashy, Rachel McAdams circles a Crowe, Cap gets some new duds and Samuel L.Jackson wants you to go the f–k to sleep! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

I really, really loved Captain America’s costume in the first film. It was just the right amount of superhero embellishment coupled with real world function. While his sleeker, modern costume in The Avengers certainly wasn’t ugly, it lost a lot of that charm by trimming down on the embellishments. According to CBM though, we’re getting set for some wardrobe adjustment, as they managed to scoop some concept art for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it looks really good.

The straps, holsters, gloves and striped midriff motif is now back, with the helmet now again looking like an actual helmet, complete with chin straps. The costume appears to be based on the “Heroic Age” version of Steve Rogers’ costume that he wore while Bucky Barnes (yes, the same Bucky Barnes that’s the villain in this film) took up the mantle of Captain America for a while.

So Noelle may not have been too impressed with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but apparently her opinion doesn’t hold much sway with the international box office. Who knew, right? The Dwayne Johnson led sequel is currently putting butts in seats like The Rock puts boots to butts and I’ve completely lost this metaphor. The point is its making enough money to almost guarantee a sequel, and the folks at Screenrant have a few ideas as to which of the classic G.I. Joe characters should make the jump to the big screen next.

Oh look, another poster for The Hangover 3. Judging from the tagline, this will be the last one. Hopefully.

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunman appears to rapidly moving up the Hollywood ranks. Soon though, he may soon be moving even faster. Way, way faster. According CHUD’s sources, there’s a bit of concept art for Justice League that’s being passed around over at Warner Bros. What’s interesting really interesting a that the concept design for super speedster The Flash, is apparently modeled on Hunman.

Now whether the concept artist is just a Hunman fanboy/girl or whether WB is using it to garner some interest from Hunman himself, is completely unknown, but it is rather intriguing. I’d like to so Hunman handle something more lighthearted to match the Flash’s personality, but physically, I could certainly see him in the role.

One of Hollywood’s most famous landmarks (no, not Roseanne Barr), the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, will soon be getting a technological facelift. Having become known more as a tourist attraction, or a venue for press filled premiers, the theatre will be trying to get back to doing what it was meant to do: Screening movies for the public. And with that in mind, the theatre will now be converted in the third largest IMAX theatre in North America, while also getting a tech0-upgrade for its projectors.

Imax plans to make the Chinese Theatre one of its main venues for holding premieres of big budget action movies. The new Imax theater will be 94 feet wide and seat 986 people, making it the largest in terms of seating capacity among more than 730 Imax theaters in at least 50 countries. It would be the third-largest Imax theater in North America, only slightly smaller than Imax venues in San Francisco and Lincoln Square in New York City.

The Imax theater is expected to open by September and with new stadium seating, as well as a new Imax sound system and digital projector, which will later be replaced by a laser projector system that Imax is adding to its circuit. The system, expected to be installed next year, uses patents that Imax acquired from Kodak and provides much brighter images and better color contrast than conventional digital systems.

That’s right, besides for the fancy IMAX screen, it will also be getting a “LAY-ZUHR” projection system.

And for today’s class on “How to stare wistfully into the distance” we have guest instructor Jennifer Lawrence, star of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And just because we’re generous over here at The Movies Community College, she’s even going to throw in a bonus lesson of “How to hug your little sister while looking totally disinterested” for free!

Rachel McAdams has signed onto Cameron Crowe’s still untitled dramedy, which will also star the already cast Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper. McAdams will be playing Cooper’s old flame, which is actually all we currently know about the movie.

Despite the fact that Quentin Tarantino toned down all of the excessive violence in Django Unchained in order to successfully pass China’s mysterious censor boards and get his film released (the very first of the acclaimed director’s entire filmography), that success was very short lived though. The plug got pulled one minute into the film’s very first screening, with “technical reasons” being cited as the cause. However many bloggers and unofficial news sites reported that the film was apparently stopped due to a request from censors. The reason? One scene in which star Jamie Foxx goes the full monty. Why the full frontal nude scene was okayed previously and was now causing a concern is unknown, however local blogging sites are reporting that the Chinese government controlled Shanghai United Circuit has issued an emergency order to all cinemas in the city to immediately halt all screenings and refund ticket holders.

And now for your daily fix of “Awwwww… cute.” Well, kind of. Actually I take all that back. Watching badly costumed adults miming to kids’ voices is a tad bit creepy, but that’s what you get with this video of Adults Acting Out Kid’s Reading of Star Wars.

I love teaser trailers for trailers about as much I love getting a root canal while doing my taxes. But that is just one of the many new marketing tactics that Hollywood are currently employing, and Film.com have listed 8 of the most annoying. Like releasing an endless strream of character posters. You hear that, Hangover 3?

Fox2000 have tapped screenwriting spouses Ken and Erica Oyama Marino to adapt Adam Mansbach’s hilariously vulgar “children’s story”, Go The F–k To Sleep for a feature film, which will be retitled slightly to Go The F To Sleep. The book, which Mansbach wrote after struggling to get his daughter to bed no matter how many bedtime stories or nursery rhymes he read to her, was already an award-winning title, but it achieved mainstream fame when Samuel L. Jackson did narrated it. That hilarious narration can be found below.


Last Updated: April 12, 2013

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