Home Entertainment Extras! Edward and Bella talk about sex, Ben Affleck wants to Live by Night, The Last Son of Krypton shines bright, Ang Lee wants to be different, Spielberg explains the Robopocalypse delay, and Why you shouldn't cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie! Plus much more!

Extras! Edward and Bella talk about sex, Ben Affleck wants to Live by Night, The Last Son of Krypton shines bright, Ang Lee wants to be different, Spielberg explains the Robopocalypse delay, and Why you shouldn't cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with some Beautiful Creatures. Which, coincidentally, is also what Darryn calls his testicles. But enough about micro-organisms, here is the new extended TV spot for supernatural love story.

All the trailers we’ve seen so far for The Canyons make the film look like a bit of a mess. There are two very good reasons for that: 1) Because it is and 2) Lindsay Lohan. NY Time’s Stephen Rodrick covered the film during its entire production, and the result is a gripping but cautionary tale about What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie.

Collider have scooped a set visit for Evil Dead and have come back with 35 Things To Know From the Evil Dead Remake. Amazingly, one of them is not “Don’t French kiss the demon possessed girls”.

If you’ve read our earlier articles on the 2013 Oscar nominations, then you may have noticed that Katheryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck got snubbed for Best Director for Zero Dark Thirty and Argo respectively. I’m sure this greatly delighted film critic Armond White, who ,may have incensed the film community quite a bit in the past with his ravings, but his latest contribution, where he asserts that Taken 2 and Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance are better films than Zero Dark Thirty and that Eddie Murphy’s A Thousand Words is superior to Argo, leads me to believe that he would be better suited living a life under a bridge waiting for the billy goats gruff.

Just a day after we got our first official look at the principal cast for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, four new images have been released, among which we get our first look at Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the new gamekeeper (the previous one came down with a slight case of death) Plutarch Heavensbee.

Keeping things hungry and on fire, director Francis Lawrence spoke to EW where he revealed that a couple of rather pivotal characters in the book have not made into the movie, and would result in a bit of a change to one of the story’s more important plot points. Clearly, if you’re not familiar with the books, then I would suggest you skip ahead to the next news snippet, as there be SPOILERS dead ahead, Cap’n!

A new line of action figures for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained has been released, which means that kids can now own a slave. Yeah, some other folks weren’t too impressed with that idea either.

It may have sort of public knowledge before, but now Ben Affleck has officially confirmed that his next directing gig will indeed be Live By Night, the second adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel that he has done after he kicked off The Reign of Ben Affleck 2.0 with Gone Baby Gone.

“Basically, I’m doing this movie called ‘Live By Night, and I’m trying to meet this schedule in order to do it and meet the back end so I can have it released at the right time.”

Gangster Squad releases in local cinemas today, and if you’re still unsure whether or not you want to check it out, then maybe this new extended trailer will help make up your mind.

You would think that if there was one thing you could count on to be punctual, it would be the apocalypse, but news broke yesterday that Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse has been given an “indefinitely delayed” status much to the dismay of fans. Well the director himself has now revealed exactly why the end of mankind is running late: Budget.

“We found that the film was costing a lot of money and I found a better way to tell the story more economically but also much more personally. I found the personal way into ‘Robopocalypse’, and so I just told everybody to go find other jobs, I’m starting on a new script and we’ll have this movie back on its feet soon.”

Let’s hope that new script also involves a less eye-rolling name than Robopocalypse.

Speaking about the human race being wiped out, there’s been talk of a sequel to Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day for ages now already, but thus far the film’s biggest box office drawcard, Will Smith, has been eerily absent in proceedings. His co-star in the then blockbuster, Bill Pullman, doesn’t think that should be a concern though, as apparently there are two pitches being developed, one with and one without the Fresh Prince.

“The Will Smith part of it may be ongoing, but I think there’s strategies for both. I like what I have to do in both of them. I’m not in an old age home in a wheelchair being wheeled out for one more moment. It’s a very interesting conception of what happens to Whitmore between then and when it picks back up.”

Pullman does keep it real though when says that “nobody’s holding their breath” as the proposed sequel has been “continuously plagued”.

This Summer (American Summer that is) is going to get very superheroic, and EW scored a trio of new pics for three of the biggest superhero flicks scheduled to hit our screens mid-year: Iron Man, The Wolverine and Man of Steel

Is it just me, or is that Superman costume really shiny? Did I miss the memo about them adapting Electric Boogaloo Superman from the 1990’s?

Filmmakers gets drawn to work with certain actors/actresses on certain projects for many reasons, most of them personal (there’s nothing quite as personal a bank account balance). Ang Lee’s motivation to direct Angelina Jolie’s Cleopatra epic though is a bit… different.

“I’m about to read the script. It just feels right to me after all the other types of films I’ve done. What does it have in common with any of them? They’re all totally different! That’s what makes this perfect.”

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Jurassic Park, and has been reported before, the film will be getting the 3D re-release treatment in celebration thereof. Now if you happen to find yourself of foreign shores, you may be planning to watch the re-release in IMAX 3D, because really what could be better than a 3 storey T-Rex shouting in your face? If that is the case, then you better be quick about it. Universal have revealed that the film will only get a one week IMAX run after it’s April 5 release date. The reason? The dinos need to make way for Oblivion, Josef Kosinski’s sci-fi spectacular that the studio is releasing one week later.

We brought you the news yesterday that Chris Nolan will soon be heading back into the world of sci-fi with Interstellar. News that was greeted with much geek boners on my side. Now we’ve also learnt that Chris Nolan will actually be rewriting his brother Jonathan Nolan’s script to incorporate an idea of his own into Jonathan’s story. As to what that story is, well it was previously just said that it was some hard sci-fi based on the work of physicist Kip Thornton surrounding wormholes, time travel and alternate dimensions, but a little digging by Collider has revealed a logline for the film, that it “will depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest borders of our scientific understanding.”

Just when you thought you were done with Twilight, here’s some more. No, no need to panic. They aren’t making any movie movies. Yet. A new deleted scene has been released along with the announcement of a special Extended Edition of the second to last entry in the franchise, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, has been announced, which will add “new footage of the marriage, honeymoon and the birth of a child that brings unforeseen and shocking developments for Bella and Edward and those they love, including new complications with werewolf Jacob Black.”


Here’s director Bill Condon talking about the extended edition, as well as the new clip showing Edward and Bella having the “morning after” talk.

“As Twilight series devotees know, there was a lot of ground to cover in adapting Breaking Dawn to the screen. Between the wedding, the honeymoon, the birth, and everything in between, naturally there were things that didn’t make it into our final cut. But I wanted to make sure that for all the Twihards out there, there was a chance to see some of these cut scenes – several of which are fan favorites from the book.”

Last Updated: January 11, 2013

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